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Democratised Behaviour !

Brothers & Sisters . . .


Behaviour Revolution is announcing the only way to beat this take over is to REVOLUTIONISE YOUR OWN BEHAVIOUR to the Turah. We are not going to be able to stop the flood of infidels coming into our nations, but we will be able to PRESERVE OURSELVES IN SUCH AN ENVIRNONMENT - this is to behave in a way that Scripture says where there is no law against it, (our behaving scripture, that is) Romans 12, I think . . .

Our behaviour must be better than the Pharisees and Sadducees of today. Of course we are not to do as they do, but to do what they tell us to do, this way we will be pleasing Yahusha and passing the test of their laws. In actual fact you are behaving better than they can. They do not have the spirit of peace and love.

WE AS THE BRIDE WILL BE TESTED IN OUR BEHAVIOUR TO OUR NEIGHBOUR. The two rules will become more and more precious to your survival in these last days. Remember everything that is happening is controlled by Yahusha - His aim is to strengthen and cleanse His bride. Yahusha achieves this in His own way to bring unity and oneness to His body, (His bride).

Our behaviour must present itself in a much higher quality than the marauders. Love your neighbour as yourself, this is the highest form of behaviour. Don't you think Yahusha may want to save some of the invaders to our nations? The only way they will see a difference is in our behaviours, after they have conquered and this is how we (those who make it through) will be used.

I think if you are a loud mouthed patriot, you will be the first to be beheaded. Have you actually looked at the behaviour of our democratised nations? The filth, lust, drunkeness, wealth extravagance, wastefulness and the list goes on - not only do muslims hate our behaviour, but so does Yahuah and He is sending them to clean us up.

We the so called democratised, sophisticated, civilised nations have ignored all the instructions of life from the Turah, which says if you ignore me I will ignore you. We are on the verge of being punished and destroyed because of our behaviour towards Yahusha. Those who understand this instruction will probably survive the invasion but those who fight it, for what their patriotic democracy declares, will most probably be destroyed.

By Chris Hilton . . .