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Jewish Catwalk Fashion.

What we see before us is what we have seen done to all man-made traditions. At first they struggle to be accepted. But once investors can see a prophet turning, these man made traditions suddenly take on a religion of their own. Through the media a simple celebration becomes an annual event which is lavished with decorations, fashionable clothes, beautiful cars, the whole Hollywood treatment. Over the last 60 years we have constantly seen simple home-spun traditions turn into a hollywood musical spectacular and another annual celebration is added to the event calendar.

This is happening with the Jewish nations at the moment - A whole new beast is emerging onto the global catwalk.

We are commanded in scripture to wear Tzitzit, the rest (like shawl and tallit) are traditions of men. If you want to be a witness you should be asked about your behaviour. Wearing the right behaviour says volumes more to the onlooker, not acting out traditions and when you are asked why you behave this way, your words spoken through the Ruach will bring life to others.

By Chris Hilton . . .