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Recognising Yahusha's Bride.


Luke 19:27. "But those enemies of Mine who did not wish Me to reign over them, bring them here and slay them before Me".

When we look at the life of Zakki in Luke 19:1-27, we discover who and how Yahusha chooses His Bride. Zakki was a hated sinner, a tax collector and a small man in stature. Zakki wanted to see Yahusha when He came to town but could not see him because of the crowd. Zakki being a small man climbed a tree so that he could just get to view the Master.

The thing here is that Zakki realised his problem and found a solution. Yahusha can be seen if we overcome the problem in our way by making an effort.

Not only did Zakki see Yahusha but Yahusha walked right up to him and talked to him while he was up the tree - right in front of everyone in town. Even though it was considered a sin for Yahusha to mix with sinners, Yahusha invited Himself into Zakki's house for the evening. The town's people were furious and started to grumble. Zakki's attitude and behaviour was completely the opposite to the towns folk. Yahusha said to Zakki "Hurry & come down". Zakki hurried down and received Yahusha rejoicing (see the different behaviour). Zakki confessed his sin and promised to help those who had been treated wrong with interest and Yahusha declared "TODAY DELIVERANCE HAS COME TO THIS HOUSE".

Then Yahusha told a parable to the jealous grumbling crowd which is applicable to our attitudes and behaviour today. Read on and discover how to be chosen by Yahusha, for He comes personally to every chosen person and calls us out of our tree and shows us how to live Turah.

Yahusha's bride are the ones who nobody thinks is any good, but Yahusha loves the sinner and their repentance, for He can see in them qualities that He wants as a wife. When Yahusha chooses His wife from amongst men (which He does) we can see by the behaviour of those around the person chosen, these onlookers think and say that this applicant is not up to the standard of men and they will refuse to receive this person, especially the religious people. See the parable Yahusha gave the onlookers in verses 10-27. In verse 10 Yahusha says FOR THE SON OF ADAM HAS COME TO SEEK AND SAVE (DELIVER) WHAT WAS LOST.

How should we behave towards those Yahusha has called out of their tree ???

By Chris Hilton . . .