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Always look in the Scripture Luke 17:25....But first He must suffer and be rejected by this generation.

There are many Scriptures that tell us Yahusha said, "They hated me before they hated you." and "They will throw you into jail, torture and kill you", and "this world will hate you". What does this mean for us today?

GENERATIONAL REJECTION: happens when those around you from your generations reject you. How and why does this happen ?

This happens to every true believer in Yahusha, sometimes without even saying a word. To be treated with Generational Hatred is just about the most unbearable pain to suffer. Imagine not only the physical pain Yahusha went through but on top was the torture, lies and hatred of Generational Rejection. Everyone of His disciples, all who followed, rejected Him, the religious leaders in His generations hated his behaviour so much they had him killed.

Remember in the garden when Yahusha was sweating droplets of blood because the pressure of generational hatred and rejection was so great? Well, if we didn't understand what He went through for us to receive His Ruach and overcome their wickedness, then we would end up insane.

ALL TRUE BELIEVERS WILL END UP BEING HATED BY THEIR GENERATIONS AND IT GOES ON UNTIL THEY DIE IF THEY HAVE REJECTED YOUR WORDS. There is no relief in actual fact, if this is not happening to you, then your behaviour must be greatly lacking.

After we started Behaviour Revolution, those closest to me have told me that I am hated and people think I am an idiot and insane for writing about the Two Rules etc. One of the Natsarim leaders has written an article declaring the Two Rules as wicked pagan philosophy. In my most recent acquisition asking the question of "WHAT ARE YOU MAKING?" to those giving excuse answers, with it's only answer, which is "EXCUSES," - has caused a flood of hatred and anger to come to me for putting others in an awkward place. They say it makes them see themselves too much, they said they have wanted to stop me so they don't have to see what they are really like.

Well Brothers and Sisters I don't mind telling you how excited I was that Yahusha has chosen this little question to upset so many all at once and NO I have no intention of stopping - my demise is the only thing that will stop me. Now if you want to be a good witness, introduce the Two Rules with the side dish of "what are you making," and watch the sparks fly.