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Are You Truly Free?

Look at this picture and decide whether you are TRULY FREE? We've all come from systems of slavery and religious bondage and each time we've been delivered we feel such relief and joy, only to find a few years later that we left one system for another. SO HOW DO YOU KNOW THAT YOU ARE TRULY FREE?

The most important KEY is to hear Yahusha's voice for yourself (if you're not using the right Name you don't KNOW Him so how can you hear Him?).

How do you HEAR HIS VOICE if you are only starting out??? Well next time you go through an experience, a drama, or you read something or hear something or watch something that is inspiring some sort of reaction or emotion inside you (which is often Yahusha getting our attention) do this:

1) Think of a Scripture that relates to your circumstance.

2) Look it up in the BYNV (or google the reference first if you're not sure where it is).

3) Read the WHOLE CHAPTER surrounding the verse you got given to get CORRECT CONTEXT (remember NO CHERRY-PICKING SCRIPTURES because it renders Yahusha's Living Words powerless and ineffective if they are not read in-context).

4) Break all the Scripture down into ONE SENTENCE listening to Yahusha's leading of course - and THE SUMMARY WILL BE YOUR INSTRUCTION FOR THAT CIRCUMSTANCE IN YOUR LIFE. Then you need to be obedient to what you were given and YOU WILL RECEIVE MORE!


>>>>> YOU HEARD YOUR MAKER YAHUSHA <<<<<<<< tell me what greater excitement or purpose could there be in this life ???

THIS REAL LIFE (walking amongst the world incognito - but not one of them) EXPERIENCE WITH THE CREATOR YAHUSHA HIMSELF IS HOW YOU KNOW YOU ARE TRULY FREE and not still in a religious system looking to others for your source of food and happiness . . .

YAHUSHA DIED AND SHED HIS PRECIOUS LIFE-GIVING BLOOD SO THAT YOU AND I COULD BE FREE - Is it not a slap in the face to Him if we don't investigate and examine (talk to ourself) and discover whether we are LIVING TRULY FREE or not???

By Mark Davidson . . .