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Planting Seeds of Change.

We all know if we plant seeds in the right soil they will germinate and produce fruit. This is a miraculous experience to watch, a seed is put in the dirt and this amazing apparition appears from the tiniest seed, a giant tree grows in the dirt which produces fruit in season. This fruit is made edible for man which gives him sustenance and physical strength. As we said miraculous and isn't everything Yahusha does just that. Even when He was on earth they were amazed that He spoke with such authority (in other words like He knew all about it). Well wasn't He at creation?

When we dive into the gene pool of seeds and we see just how many different species of foods and products our creator Yahuah has given us and these are to come forth for our living and livelihood in season. All we can say is amazing. Yahusha spoke to us agriculturally about seeds a few times, whilst He was on earth.

Behaviour Revolution has grabbed hold of the fact that Yahusha told us that His words were the seeds of life and that we must collect them in our hearts and protect them, otherwise the birds (evil spirits) would come and steal them. The instruction from Yahusha is to plant the "SEEDS OF CHANGE" in our hearts to fertilise, water and dig around them, to produce good fruit.

The incredible thing about this seed is that with all the technology man has today, he can't tell us how life comes into the seed. Brothers and Sisters this is something you can only know by faith (belief).

Behaviour Revolution is declaring that men and women can hear from Yahusha directly if they are planted in belief in Yahusha. What He gives His beloved is seed and we have to keep it and plant it in our hearts. Behaviour Revolution has received seed about our present behaviour on earth and we here in Australia have been given seed also of THE TWO RULES & ITS SIDE DISH.

Brothers and Sisters what did you do with the two rules when you received them? Were they special to you? Were they worthy of planting into your heart? Or did the birds steal them from you ?

Behaviour Revolution is declaring that THE TWO RULES & ITS SIDE DISH are direct descending seed from Yahusha to his beloved. If applied into your family life all will experience massive productive change for the better. There is only 1 rule for application and that is you must be genuine about your application, otherwise it will not work. Without belief works are dead.

Brothers and Sisters it is absolutely wonderful what Yahusha has hidden for us in the seed of His word, when He gives it and it can only be received through belief and the power of the Ruach, just as Joseph was given the understanding about Miriam's pregancy. Remembering it has nothing to do with man's religious interpretation of the seeds . . .these are frivolous.

By Chris Hilton . . .