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Blessings & Rewards.

BLESS YAHUAH! Tehillim/Psalms 103 If you are questioning the rewards that you will be blessed with when you make the choice to guard His Covenant, just take a good hard look at this Scripture!

David summed it all up here. He WILL bless us with all these things if we accept Him into our heart and do as He has Commanded: Check out verse 10: He has NOT done to us according to our sins, Nor rewarded us according to our crimes.

Now go on reading the next verses (Tehillim / Psalms 103: 11-13) Do you get it? Do you believe? Does your behavior show others that His Covenant is in your heart and on your mind at all times? Do you FEAR Him? Do you want the blessings? Verse 18 lets us know WHO will revive these blessings.

He will redeem us, heal us, satisfy us, and He WILL REIGN OVER US SOON!

Should we expect to get all His loving kindness placed upon us by doing nothing in return?

Break the cycle of the worldly beast in your family today. Teach each other that real life in Yahusha is not a life of full of self gratification and entitlement!

Should we be rewarded with all these beautiful blessings without being accountable? I think not!

It's so easy to live a Yahusha Approved "legal" life and when you gain that understanding and start living in the Covenant ... (Rest on the 7th day! Are you kidding me, who doesn't need some rest from the wickedness we walk through everyday!)... He promises you will be blessed in this life you are walking through this very day!

Do His Word and listen to the Voice of His Word....Make the change today, and let Yahusha guide you and your family down the easy road to life! Love and Yahusha Bless You All!

By Amber Hyde . . .