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Religious Abusive Behaviour.

Brothers & Sisters . . .

Here is a conversation between Jony Buss` brother Bernie and I. This is a way you can feel at liberty to speak out at ABUSIVE RELIGIOUS BEHAVIOUR and not feel bad because of the truth. Brothers and Sisters learn this behaviour. . .

MobileMelchizedek BernYahu :

I'm going to delete your comments. My brother was hit by a car when he was 14 and his head hit the curb and he had his whole frontal lobes removed he was in a 12 coma and pronounced dead for I forget how many minutes and then he came back. He has problems but has overcome a lot. And it is sad that you only see the negative in what seems to be in any situation unless its in agreement with your beliefs. Throughout Facebook he is getting encouraging responses that his joy helps others just smile. And they love the fire he has for Yah. And guess what he does what he does for Yahuah 100% of the time he isn't doing it for the encouragement nor for you so you can just stop commenting on the things you do not agree with. And what you said is like me saying man Chris I can't take you seriously because you are obese go loose 100 lbs and then I will be able to understand you. It makes no sense grow up spiritually because you act like a child.

Chris Hilton :

Bern you are lying through your teeth about how I am supposed to feel about my beliefs I don't feel like that at all and whatever someone wants to believe it is up to them. I talk to people openly and if they take offence it is on them. I have been talking to Jony for a few years now and he has been trying to hide stuff so that i wouldn't find out about him, now that is sneaky, you or he could have let us know. Even so Bern, he can certainly be rude enough when he wants to be. Bern, when someone is acting normal, when they are not normal, this is a false impression and a lie. For your own sake and Jony's you should put something out there on Jony's Facebook to let everyone know so that a similar situation will not happen again and cause stress for others. Obviously through ignorance of what to do both of you are causing stress to others. I genuinely did not know the situation until now and am so relieved to find out Jony has the problem and not me. When you share with someone and they start being nasty and telling lies to you and start blaming you to cover up what they are doing, it really hurts and is a form of evil. In our business it is law in Australia that carers announce to the operators that the client has special needs, so that our behaviour can be appropriate and understanding. It never was law and many carers were offended because the hairdressers thought they had a fun kid and started to have fun which would only end in drama because no one said anything. This is the behaviour you both have, which is inappropriate. Bern people judge Jony for not having respect for the Word because you have not told them the truth. You both are creating chaos amongst believers and you need to be told about this bad behaviour for your own good. Once you do the right thing there will be peace because Jony is not normal. For these reasons I am going to tell my friends to save them from your kind of ignorant abuse. Everything that is hidden will be revealed, this is the reason why I will not be communicating with you guys anymore because you both need to get real.

Religious behaviour says NOT TO SPEAK OUR and to "turn the other cheek", but this is incorrect behaviour.

Yahusha always called a spade a spade and dealt with the evil lurkings of spirits trying to seduce. Someone with a problem can still act evil, don't be deceived Brothers and Sisters. Unclean spirits will inhabit who ever they can use. Deceit under religious guidance the favourite weapon of evil and when you have sufficiently tolerated their behaviour to test the spirit, Yahusha will tell you to speak truth to wake that person up from the deceit. When you operate in the spirit of Yahusha it is always in love. The religious will point and accuse but the work is done. Trust and learn this behaviour brothers and sisters, there are many teachers and religious men AGAINST operating in the spirit because it shows that Yahusha is not using them and reveals THEM as a fraud - as the truth is supposed to.

By Chris Hilton . . .