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A New Way To Fight The Unclean.

Look at the innocent look on the wolf on the left - he has set up the christian wolf to behave in such a bad manner and is trying to show us how innocent he is.This is a lie and how many believers are behaving today.This is happening simply because they do not know how to love.

These are the sort of posts we as 'supposedly loving believers', are putting up on Facebook. The trouble is WE ARE BELIEVING THAT THIS IS CORRECT BEHAVIOUR! We should all realise that this is not loving behaviour and that we are not fighting men but spirits in high places. How many posts do we see this time of year bagging christians and their festivals?

Yisharal prized the 25th of Dec festivities more than a relationship with their Husband Yahuah. They were willing to fornicate their marriage and wedding vows (ten commands) to reject Yahuah and adulterate with pagan feasts. This is why Yisharal was divorced, punished and scattered into the nations never to return again.

Look at our egos and here we are thinking that our petty little posts will sway the masses to Yahusha through our anger and self-righteousness. Brothers and Sisters we need to get a grip and realise that IT IS A GLOBAL SITUATION AND THERE IS NO WAY WE EVEN HAVE A CHANCE OF MAKING A DENT IN THE ARMOUR OF THIS BEAST. Only under Yahusha's guidance could we do such a thing, but do you think we should even battle with such a beast? Do you think that Yahusha wants us to war this way or do you think He may have another plan?

I ask you Brothers and Sisters, has our behaviour or words even encouraged them to stop these festivals? Has our open anger and rudeness at their behaviour shown them how wrong they are? Do you have any idea of the sort of reputation we are gaining ourselves with such behaviour? If these festival were so powerful even while Yahusha was here, how do we think our posts will make any difference? But our ego's think this don't they?

We, as a people are totally simple-minded and deluded. We have been called out to follow the Master and not fight the way we have always done in our religions. Yahuah has set a precedence for us to win this battle through the "Behaviour of Love." 1 Cor 13 (the love chapter) tells us how to behave love and verse 13 tells us the greatest of these is love. Love is the power that can move mountains and if used according to the Scripture through the Set-Apart spirit, it will accomplish it's target. We are blessed with protective armour to put out the fiery darts of the enemy.

Behaviour Revolution knows that enduring others through their opposition, wakes them up to their behaviour, giving place for change. We are called to be sufferers in these last days for those that respond to Yahusha, until they can learn to control themselves by overcoming the unclean in their lives. Then they can join us in the battle of Love Behaviour.

Believers need a new way to fight against the unclean and this is the way Yahusha is pointing us! Take up your spiritual armour and be willing to endure suffering and wrong so that others might see how to enter the love behaviour. . .

If you didn't notice, this year Behaviour Revolution offered an alternative direction for all of us to look at. Over the past 30 years believers have been trying to stop the global movement of Christmas by declaring it as an abomination and those who participate in an abomination are also an abomination.

When we look at the amount of time we have been hurling abuse at non believers (that is all who disagree with us),we haven't even made a chink in the christmas armour, but as we said it has grown even bigger to become a global powerful beast that none can recon with.

In view of these circumstances Behaviour Revolution recognises that we need to take on a different plan of attack, by stopping the attack. Ask yourself "is this the way Yahusha wants us to behave?" For 30 years we have been challenging the Christmas Beast head on by hurling every truth we have in it's face, you know the old saying "throwing pearls to swine." Well the beast just devours our words and thrives on them, adding our stupidity to its stamina, growing bigger and more powerful.

This is the summation of Behaviour Revolution's observance through the past 30 years and beyond and our solution is to be quiet and love through the 3 rules. 1. Don't take anything personal. 2. Let everyone have it. 3. Don't make excuses. Our advice is to flood facebook with BE QUIET quotes to help others understand just what it is like.

DO YOU THINK THAT ANYONE WILL GET THIS MESSAGE & UNDERSTAND HOW TO FIGHT THE BEHAVIOUR WAR ?? Let's see if you warriors of truth sitting behind your computer in your own little space are as brave as your posts to take on a new direction. This behaviour of quietness and love will rout the enemy and confuse them because there is no fight with their beast. You know by now if you let them have what they want they will usually end up becoming sick of their fruitless situation. If we don't fight they just end up doing it in spite feeding the unquenchable desires of the beast.

Brothers and Sisters remember Behaviour Revolution is on your side in this battle and if you change your game-plan and get stuck we are here to help. LOTZALUV.

By Chris Hilton . . .