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Christmas In Israel.


The festival of Christmas is the finale of the annual calendar event system and embodies the complete ancient celebrations and symbols from Babylon, Persia, Greece and Rome. It is now a global power this mixture.

The Isralites Yisharal were divorced and exiled by Yahuah for participating in this festival by adding it to Turah worship, then the jews were scattered into the nations. Many Jews have come back to Israel today and have brought with them the festival of the mixture of Christmas.

If we look back at the cycle of this festival we see that it has gained momentum and has added to the mixture of today spreading it's message of love and peace. The Scripture says "they say, peace and love but there is none". The great mixture of the Christmas festival has now done a full global cycle and has ended up back in Jerusalem with the Jews and again mixing it with Turah. What will be the outcome of this festival?

Do you realise that the Jews in Israel today were banished from The land and divorced because they mixed pagan "Christmas" festivities with the worship of Yahuah? Behaviour Revolution has declared that the Jews and their Christmas have done a full circle and now they are back in the land claiming to be the chosen with Christmas on their shoulder, shoving this abomination in the face of the Master. One important thing to understand is that Yisharal (the bride) is not The Jews of Israel today they are 2 seperate nations. The Bride Yisharal is taken from the four corners of this earth by the reapers when Yahusha returns so how could the chosen be in Israel ?

By Chris Hilton . . .