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Look At All The Religions.


Religion comes in all shapes and sizes, they can be run from someone's bedroom on their computer, their garage, house, just about anywhere you can gain followers. Some gather together, some have massive fellowships, some live on mountain top, (I guess you sort of get the message).

We at Behaviour Revolution (we hope) have just stepped out of our last religion - The Natsarim Religion. Before that we were Messianics and previously Christians. We heeded the Scriptural call to `come out of her My people'. We thought we had achieved this, coming out of the last two, but we were surprised as we got involved with the last two, how they were running their movements.

Whenever you see people dressing up in robes, hats and religious garb and using knowledge to give them a different status than their followers - we now recognise this behaviour to be a religion. We are so relieved to now know the difference between religious and Scriptural Behaviour and understand why the Name Yahusha mean `I AM YOUR DELIVERER'.

When we were first involved in Christianity in 1978, there were many independent Churches who were promptly told by organised religions (such as Hillsong etc) that everyone was in sin if they were independent and they needed to come under the banner of an association - and they declared that this was Scriptural (obviously cherry-picking Scriptures which is totally out of context).

Behaviour Revolution has done a full revolutionary cycle in it's spiritual walk, to understand the difference between religion and deliverance. There is no way we will aim to be dragged back to a Jezebel-Spirit performing a circus act. We know that EVERY religion is mixed with witchcraft from the Jezebel-Spirit, who has infiltrated and is destroying all relationships of the spiritual bridal behaviour (which is love). Brothers we urge you all to step away from those who set themselves up as knowledge or dressed-up professor/teachers. They will not lead you into loving behaviour.

A little advice about Religion:

These are all religious men, all religion has a mixture of their teachings with the witchcraft spirit of Jezebel, this is the confusion. Defining exactly what religion is today is our duty and our behaviour is "to come out of her my people". The Bride Company is not religious and does not have religious garb or behaviour. Messiah said, "do what they say, but do not do what they do". The distinguishing factor of the Bride is her behaviour, but brothers do not be deceived - half the bride company is foolish (remember the virgins) and we have to live knowing there are weeds amongst us who want to destroy us. If we stay in the boundaries of Turah we are safe protected and blessed. This is the Covenant Promise. If we allow ourselves to be taunted by religion's behaviour we could become confused and fall away which is Jezebel's aim.

By Chris Hilton . . .