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How Religious Are You Really?


If you are caught up in any of the many circus side shows of dressed up hooligans which habituate the branches of the Jewish, Messianic and now the newly formed Natsarim religions, you are deceived by the seductive witchcraft of religion. We know that the word "Natsarim" was what the first followers of Messiah were called, sadly enough these carpet-bagging religious hoodlums have grabbed this word "Natsarim" and are forming the very new Natsarim religion as we speak.

These three religions claim to be the only Bridal Company outside the "CHRISTIAN CHURCH," who they consider to be the woman on the beast from Revelation (the false bride), who also claims to be the "Bride Company of Messiah."

The Jews have a religious movement happening in Israel which says they are fulfilling prophecy by coming back to the land and re-building the temple to bring back the worship of animal sacrifices. When you read their Scriptural proof, most references quoted are out of context which makes their whole philosophy redundant, such are the lies and seductions of religion.

Speaking of the Bridal Company we are told that on the day of Messiah when the heavens roll back like a scroll, He comes forth and sends His reapers to gather the weeds and burn them. The reapers are then told to gather the Bridal Company from the four corners of the earth, where He has prepared her for eternity. This Bridal Company is obviously not caught up in the demon seductive power of religion and has overcome her adversary.

As you can see in this post there is not one Scripture quoted, yet you know by reading these words that they are legitimately Scriptural Truth, which the Ruach witnesses to your heart as you read them.

Are we aware of the hold religion has over our psyche? This is why it is called a creature or monster which it's whorish bride sits on in the book of Revelation. This creature/monster is controlled by a supernatural being who is wicked and hates mankind. This monster invented lies and has spread this disease through the world like a plague - everyone tells lies. Every religion is useless and worthless to Messiah, those caught up in them need deliverance from it's seductive witchcraft.

Don't forget every religion (not exempting one) is seductively controlled by unclean spirits. We thought it was just the Catholic Church but today it is being made known that ALL religion is a beast system. This is why the Scripture says, "come out of her my people".

Brothers and Sisters this is the new language the Spirit is speaking to His Bride. Messiah does not want her traipsing around quoting Scriptures at people. He wants her to be graciously behaving and speaking His Words of Love through this new language.

By Chris Hilton . . .