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Adoption From Darkness to Light.


We realise religion's spiritually illegal stance and interference in not only dominating immersion which they call "baptism," but in the whole process of adoption from the reign of darkness into light. This is something that cannot be monopolised as far as Turah instruction stands. Religion has made herself a false bride usurping a non-existent status outside of Turah instruction (this is why religion is called The Great Whore). In the eyes of the True Bridal Company (which is religions opposition in the spiritual warfare of extending the reign of light), religion's deceit has blinded the eyes of mankind.

There are those today which the Ruach draws who are still seeking honest reconciliation with Messiah, in spite of the great Whore's outrage. Whoever wants to believe in Messiah's Real Name can have deliverance through the circumcision of darkness to light. Repentance and being washed in the precious blood of Yahusha delivers you with all your sins forgiven and you are then imbued with Messiah's spirit. These are the credentials required for entrance into covenant relationship (the bridal company which is the city of Yahusha, the New Yerushalayim).

Looking at the absurdity of the behaviour of those walking out of the surf in the picture above, who are really still lost, because of the false bride's baptism. This is an expected performance of piousness from all initiatives of the Whore.

If you feel after reading our circulars on Immersion that there is something missing in your life, you can see that there is a real deliverance available to those wanting it. The steps have been described for you to do it in private. Once in Covenant Relationship, you need not fear anything for Yahusha promises His Bride protection and blessings, if we stay within the boundaries and confines of his Turah.

The fact is if you can understand that the processes of the Reign of Yahuah are not of this earth and can only be received spiritually. This actually means they can only be received within the heart of a man, if he wants reconciliation with his maker. Of course this can only happen by following the Turah instruction. Religion has said that they (their fellowships and 'churches'), have been given authority to administer and interpret the words of Turah instruction.

All processes of Scriptural and Behavioural change happen within the individual's physical body, not on this earth within the confines of their temples and "churches." That is why Yahusha said, "My reign is not of this earth and it is not something you can see, because it (the reign), comes within the man. So you can see that for men to claim authority over the processes of Scriptural teachings is a fraud and a lie. This is the job of the Ruach ha'Quodesh (the Set-ApartSpirit) not a false authority from carpet-bagging deceivers.

By Chris Hilton . . .