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Our Buyer.

I like the BYNV translation because it gives us a better perspective on everything, take for instance the Scripture Mark 8:36........ FOR WHAT SHALL IT PROFIT A MAN IF HE GAINS ALL THE WORLD AND LOSES HIS OWN LIFE ?

Most translations use the word "soul" instead of "life". This world declares that "the soul" is in the mind of consciousness and is a separate part of the physical body, which is part of the great debate about "what is consciousness."

From this Scripture we learn that our personal life or consciousness is worth more than the value of this earth to a certain buyer and just who this buyer is, THAT puts such a value on our conscious existence. Once obtained, the value of our existence is priceless to our buyer and not for sale to any other offers. Remembering that this value can only exist so long as the "our buyer" does. Of course everyone has to die; except our buyer who is an eternal and unimaginably wealthy being. Could we dare to trust in this offer for our life, meaning that we would have to forsake our own mindset and take on a new one where we would be protected and blessed unconscionably?

Knowing yourself to yourself, do you consider, or could you even think of your life as that valuable to anyone? So here we are with a commodity that is priceless, "our conscious life!" This value is only considered to be valuable by the one person. This person loves us dearly, is not here now, but has promised to return for us and take us to a divine city, which will then descend to a cleansed earth where we will be with our buyer for eternity. This promise is to us, whether our bodies are in the grave or present at His return. Those who are graved will be risen and restored the same as those who are alive.

Our buyer has already paid the price for our conscience existence and has even then, given us the choice to enter His offered contract, of a collective Marriage Covenant.

Oh! we have to also mention that our Marriage Contract, if entered, is also an adoption. The parent guide we have had living in our vessel with us since childhood, has taken up residence through deceit, without our permission as a squatter. This being is not nice, or clean, but abusive. We are aware that we are in bondage but haven't known how to evict it. Now that we have been made this offer by our buyer, a new consciousness is awakening us, for we can see that our buyer has the legal power of eviction over His own property, which means if we become His property - whamo - deliverance.

I don't know brothers and sisters, the only stipulation for us is to believe what the buyer has promised and what the value of our consciousness is to Him, which is supposedly of more than this earth.

Summarising our situation's today brothers and sisters and looking at our prospects of what the future holds, do I keep my guiding squatter and take my chances at uncertainty, or do I believe what my buyer has offered me ???

By Chris Hilton . . .