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Truth Consciousness VS Religion.

There are many debates but the one making headways into western culture is named "WHAT IS CONSCIOUSNESS." ??

Western culture stands alone and apart, with philosophical philosophies and theories about truth. These have been carried down through the generations, which have mastered most cultures and held them at bay from any dominance. Because western belief systems are only theories, this has left a hole in the fabric of their mindset which is starting to thread.

Other nations are seeing this loop hole (so to speak), and are flooding through this hole in the western consciousness, with a variety of subjective alternatives to it's stable mindset. This has happened because the existing western consciousness is only a theory. Western man has not actually made up his mind about "Truth Consciousness" i.e. What is right and what is wrong.

Question is: - are the Hebrew Scriptures the Father in heaven's words, sent to us through supernatural experiences of men with their Creator? Or is the history of western man's dominance the only truth?

Because western man has only theories and cannot pronounce any actuality (i.e. truth) he is walking a tight rope which can only perform the same old tricks, that is not stimulating for it's audience anymore. The colourfully dressed eastern man seems to be far more stimulating and has taken captive the consciousness of western man's audience.

Eastern belief systems are flowing into the western world through their own converts to eastern philosophies. They are actually being invited in through the western societies who think meditation etc, is good for school children. This has happened because religion is a dirty word, sometimes religion is the culprit who invites eastern cultures in to calm their societies down, from the rage within.

Because there is no stability or truth, there is no reality and a different consciousness prevails, which is called confusion and fear. This mindset affects the younger people first, so to stop everything from crumbling it is being propped up by eastern philosophies. These behaviours are getting neither eastern or western man any truth, which of course will lead to it's collapse.

So here we stand with our conscientiousnesses in hand valuable to only one man. This value is something which we can never collect, but are promised a much better life, a new life without the heaviness (wet blanket) of sin dominating us.

Our conscientiousnesses unbeknownst to us, by ourselves, or to ourselves, was formulated from fragments of informations, supposedly true and believable, to the already being deceived. We have gathered these thoughts as though we were collecting wild poisonous mushrooms, again unawares of their fatalities, formulating our very own unconscionable behaviours.

For thought, today we have the choice of another mindset (who is not buying, but demanding). Western and Eastern philosophies are assimilating a fusion with it's central headquarters based in Jerusalem. The minds and hearts of mankind are under siege and wilful disobedience will bring punishment or death and so history goes.

Globally most of the affluent are clamouring for a high and special spot of perusal, close to the conquerors. Not to forget that the beast devours the woman, so there goes all religious consciousness and the collapse of that mindset. We who are left in the middle of these about to happen prophetical fulfillments, have the choice to take up the buyers offer.

All we have to do is believe in His Name, that it has the power to deliver us from our poisonous present behaviours that plague us. Not forgetting the dragon is searching and seeking the Bride to devour her, but the buyer has her hidden in the middle of the insanity of all those trying for the best seat at the perusal. The bride knows that what men are clamouring for will never happen - their plans will be thwarted with the sky rolling back as a scroll and the buyer comes forth dressed as a King on his White Horse, to rescue His Bride.

Tell me Brothers and Sisters which choice of mindset is yours now ???

By Chris Hilton . . .