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Our Inner Man.

First of all we had better get our facts straight as to WHAT or WHO Scripture means when it talks of our inner man and WHERE in the body complex is this entity located. Did you know we have an inner man? Do you know what to do with it, how you can contact it, or communicate with it ?

Scripture tells us that the heart and mind are one and that all our thinking is done within our heart. The heart contains our inner man and is where the seat of the whole being operates from. Many think the opposite - that our mind is the seat of our being.

Scripture tells us that our body is designed for a certain function, whilst being allowed to exist here on this earth, 2 Kor 5:10 "For we all have to appear before the judgement seat of Mashiak,in order for each one to receive according to what he has done in the body,wether good or evil." Obviously our bodies are designed to do good from this verse.

There are many verses telling us that the unclean army is working against us, to stop us from saying or manifesting in our behaviour the goodness of Scripture. Scripture is health giving and the truth. Lies against the Scripture cause many physical problems and destroy our bodies. All thoughts that operate our bodies come from our hearts. We are told in 2Kor 10:4-5 "For the weapons we fight with are not fleshy but mighty in Yahuah for overthrowing strongholds. Overthrowing reasonings and every high thing that exalts itself against the knowledge of Yahuah, taking captive every thought to make it obedient to the Mashiak."

This is the correct behaviour Scripture gives us to follow. Are we living this way Brothers and Sisters? Being conscious of our thoughts, knowing we have to give an account for the things done in the body (our behaviour)? Try again today anew, knowing we are all under attack being dissuaded against Turah. Remembering that thoughts can make our bodies do bad things if not first taken captive and subjected to Mashiak.

Brothers and Sisters does this then help us to see and understand the captives all around us? How sad is their situation? If they see that your behaviour has no bondage because you are living within the boundaries of Turah, maybe they will enquire of your freedom.

By Chris Hilton . . .