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We Must Give An Account.

Diving into another Turah verse to see truth-reality which usually interprets as behaviour, for all of us. Most Scripture talks about behaviour. We believe it is a big thing with Yahusha. Many people have the same mind as this German war criminal which is more amazing.

1Kor 5:10 "For we all have to appear before the judgement seat of Mashiak, in order for each one to receive according to what he has done in the body, whether good or evil".

Coming in with a fine magnifying glass again, we can see it says "IN ORDER FOR EACH ONE TO RECEIVE ACCORDING TO WHAT HE HAS DONE IN THE BODY, GOOD OR EVIL."

This is quite a statement and as you can see from his words the german soldier would not come under this teaching, like many others. What ever we imagine, the Scripture is our standard of truth.

Why do you think Yahusha would say such a thing, "that we have to give an account of what we have done in the body." Well brothers and sisters the answer is pretty simple. All through Scripture we are told that "we are brought with a price,'' "that we are not our own," and some people just don't get it. Yahusha wants us bold to do the work He has given us and that we do it according to his Turah instruction. He is looking for correct bridal behaviour andthis is why we are told as good soldiers to arrest every thought and bring it into captivity.

In other words brothers and sisters, our bodies and our Ruach's belong to the Master. We gave our lives over to Him and He has taken possession. Many believers won't accept this fact and fight Yahusha back for control. We have seen this happen and Turah says when a person is cleaned up from the unclean, if not obedient, that spirit will come back with 7 others and that person will be in a worse state than the beginning. We have to be aware of our job description and what is required of us. Firstly we need to overcome this world and that means that any desire we have that takes precedence over Turah instruction needs to be overcome.

These are the spots and wrinkles of the Bride and Yahusha is expecting results in our battle, because He has given us His Ruach to overcome. Once we are manifesting the fruit of righteousness we can be of use in His major plan. At the moment we are at all different levels of overcoming on the way but don't forget half the virgins are foolish pieces of wheat even though we are planted together. We have to understand this.

Our bodies and ruachs belong to Yahusha and this is why we will be judged on the things we did and wanted from this world instead of choosing the Turah option.We are told that everything we do and say is recorded. Brothers and Sisters which option are you being conscious of? Your desires or Yahusha's will? We are the only ones who can make up our minds, just look at this stupid German soldier.

By Chris Hilton . . .