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Everlasting Decisions.

Everyone knows who the chief cornerstone is, that the builders rejected, Yahusha Messiah. It is revealed all through Scripture that THERE IS NO OTHER FOUNDATION WE CAN BUILD ON EXCEPT YAHUSHA MESSIAH. We spoke earlier in another article on foundation, that it is also our choice to accept the words of the BYNV research, or not. Acts 4:10-12 says that Yahusha Messiah is the only name under the heaven given among men by which we need to be "Delivered." The BYNV puts things in such a wonderful perspective for us to make an everlasting decision. I love making everlasting decisions, do you?

These verses tell us that we all need "Deliverance from Evil," because the heart of man is desperately wicked and evil above all things. More of us would do so much better if we realised this about everyone we meet who has not yet had their heart circumcised by the Ruach. (this is all foundation stuff).

1 Kor 3:10....... According to the favour of Yahuah which given to me, as a wise Master Builder I have laid the foundation and another builds on it. 12.And if anyone builds on this foundation with gold, silver, precious stones, wood, hay, straw, each ones work shall be revealed.

This means that after we receive the Ruach ha 'Qodesh, ALL OUR BEHAVIOURS ARE BUILDING BLOCKS AND NO MATTER WHAT SUBSTANCE WE USE TO BUILD WITH, OUR WORKS WILL BE TESTED BY FIRE, to see what sort it is. If anyones work remains from the fire, he shall receive a reward. If anyones work is burned He shall suffer loss, but he himself shall be delivered, but as through fire.

Yahusha wants a truthful Bride - ALL OUR WORDS AND BEHAVIOURS, (AGAIN) CAN BE BUILDING BLOCKS. Your posts, blogs and the way we answer each other are all behaviours (building blocks). If our behaviour is according to Turah in love, no matter what substance we use to build from there are either rewards or loss.

Brothers and Sisters THIS IS A TRUE FOUNDATION BLOCK, if you have not heard about this well now you know and you can start here and now to get it right. Remember Behaviour Revolution just shares this information - we will not and can not make a decision on your personal behaviour. Turah says we all must give account for the things (behaviours) done in the body, EVERYTHING WE DO AND SAY IS RECORDED BY THE ANGELS.

Brothers and Sisters how is your building standing up ??

By Chris Hilton . . .