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Gathering Yahusha's Bride.


JEREMIAH 16:16 is a Scripture used by many religions to state that Israel will rise up in the land again and send out fishers and hunters to bring in a harvest of restored Jews then they will also restore the temple in Jerusalem.

CONTEXT......... carefully read this chapter in context and we see that Jeremiah is referring to the day of the Messiah's return, when He sends out his reapers to gather His Bride from the four corners of the earth in verse 16. The real key to understanding this prophecy comes in verse 18. (read)

Israel is being told in the prophecy that the Father is going to repay double for their crookedness, because they have defiled His land and filled His inheritance with abominations. We know that Israel was divorced and punished for this, then scattered into the nations. Here is what the religions are saying - that through this Scripture (Jeremiah 16:16) the Jews are being brought back to the land. THIS PROPHESY IS OF MEN not Scripture. Apparently the U.N. declared in 1948 that this desert called Israel, was now the land of the Jews, the U.N has resettled them there because no country would take them in.


Especially when the Scripture says in Revelation that on the return of Messiah the reapers go forth and collect (gather) the Bride from the four corners of the earth. The point is if the Bride is collected from the four corners of this earth, why are they in Israel saying they are the chosen? Some religions don't accept the words of Messiah and try to find the last day return in the OLD TESTAMENT ONLY and this is their final valiant attempt. The trouble is, it is completely out of context and a fraud. Even a child can see that Jeremiah is talking about the last day reapers going out to collect the Bride for Messiah and that this crazy U.N prophecy is completely NOT talking about returning to the land before the return of Messiah.

THE THINGS MEN DREAM UP AND DO ARE ABSURD. What does the continuation of the sacrificing of live animals say about the sacrifice of Messiah? Yes it is a disgrace and abomination towards His offering of His blood for our sins. Yes there are many being led towards this abomination but brothers and sisters be wise if you want to make the millennium. lotzaluv.

By Chris Hilton . . .