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Locked Up Inside By The Mixture.

Don't get Locked Up Inside By the Mixture . . .


If we are not careful as the Bride we can get locked up inside by the mixture.

All men in Yahusha have something to teach us as we come out of the beast system. The thing is we must also be aware that half the Bride is foolish and half is wise. What constitutes the deciding factor is our decision of what we believe to be wise or foolish. Realising that RELIGION IS ALWAYS A MIXTURE OF BELIEFS which dresses itself up in flowing robes, hoods and titles, distinguishing itself from other men, making others appear less. Religion works this way to SELL IT'S WARES AND TO TRAP MEN into its belief systems to gain control and power over them.

Within the Messianic and Natsarim beliefs, men are now building their own personal little kingdoms or religions, just the same as Christianity has done with it's mass of denominations over the centuries. This is called the beast system. Have you noticed that the Pope is reaching out to many other religions for them to collaborate because their teachings (mixtures) are similar? Revelation talks about the woman sitting on the beast. The woman (religion) is a whore, and image of a false bride. The dragon is the system the whore uses in controlling politics, banking and religion.

The Besorah is not about religion or mythology (MIXTURE) but is the true history of why man keeps failing. Whenever we hear men talking we need to listen for words of the mixture. There is no such thing in the BYNV as the "Anti Christ" - it only mentions "Anti Messiah." When we hear "Anti Messiah" it is so much easier to understand that it is anyone against Yahusha Messiah whereas Anti-"Christ" associates us with everything Christian and "Jesus." Knowing the difference is of great advantage. The BYNV does not mention "GOD", or "Jesus." All these names are from idols and are definitely the mixture. Turah tells us "not to let the names of deities come off your lips." Our aim in true worship is to honour His word in obedience, by not letting these names come from our lips. Anyone who speaks the mixture to us has not yet come out of the mixture and this is how we decree correct loving behaviour that honours Yahusha alone and does not condone a mixture.

By Chris Hilton . . .