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Religion is NOT Belief or Truth!


This is another very helpful decision Behaviour Revolution has made,


RELIGION is structured teachings that are performed usually from some sort of pulpit situation, separating the clergy from the laity, i.e. priests from the people, they always hand the plate around for payments of their oratories and performances.

A modern way to look at this ancient conglomerate is to realise they are self appointed men who have taken Turah and mixed it with pagan philosophies creating a "mixture." THIS MIXTURE IS GLOBAL AND IS THE BASIS OF ALL RELIGIONS.

Since childhood we have been fed this mixture from every part of society and it is what dominates our mindset daily. RELIGION IS A TOOL WHICH GUIDES, CONTROLS AND POSSESS MANKIND WITHOUT THEM KNOWING. RELIGION DOES THIS THROUGH LAWS, BANKING AND POLITICS.

Many have tried to escape the influence of religion by moving to another country. This is how and why the Americas were formed, but religion just waits and sends it's knowledgeable cohorts to this new land to capture again the minds and hearts of it's people. THEY STAND ARROGANTLY DEMANDING THEIR TEACHINGS ARE TRUTH AND THE WORDS OF THE CREATOR, KNOWING ALL THE TIME THEY THEMSELVES LIE.

Usually religion associates itself with ruffians to do their forceful biddings and to break the mindset of freedom, to create bondage. In our modern society this is done through the taxation dept, banking, politics and from the pulpit. GLOBALLY MAN IS SQUASHED BECAUSE OF HIS CHOICE TO FOLLOW THE MIXTURE INSTEAD OF THE TURAH.

Brothers and Sisters today the mindset of man has been raped and taken by force. We are sleepwalking the bygone traditions of our pagan predecessors and calling it life, oblivious to the fact of our `could be' freedom.

BELIEF is a whole difference structure built on the truth of the Turah and behaviour of it's instructions. The deformed mindset of religion has an antidote where we can be delivered through Messiah. Look at the religious statements in the picture here and see the confusion of the mixture. The ten commandments have nothing to do with religion This is the mixture religion and Turah.

By Chris Hilton . . .