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DESIRE: dɪˈzʌɪə/Submit: noun

1. a strong feeling of wanting to have something or wishing for something to happen. "he resisted public desires for choice in education". synonyms: wish, want. 2. strongly wish for or want (something). "he never achieved the status he so desired" synonyms: wish for, want, long for, yearn for, crave, set one's heart on, hanker after/for, pine for/after, thirst for, itch for, be desperate for, be bent on, have a need for, covet, aspire to.

The feelings of desire (of course) turn into a behaviour which is undesirable for our functioning sobriety. Why do desires have the ability to control and manipulate our behaviour to the extent of emulsifying our righteousness into unrighteousness? Even being in a state of heartless wickedness and deceit, whilst being conscious of our wickedness and not caring until we have fulfilled our desire. Next comes the pain of our guilt and we wonder why as a believer do I have to suffer this without any help.

Searching this morning for answers through Socrates, Plato and today's medical and other philosophers looking through the Hebrew and other dictionaries at DESIRE: did you know there are 35 different root words and words explaining 'desire' in the Hebrew. The main understanding I found, was that all explanations seem to come to a non-conclusion as to how far man is willing to express any spiritual involvement in desires.

Actually looking at desires from Turah's point of view we conclude that DESIRES ARE A FORM OF COVETING. This world is full of beautiful and wonderful things to capture us in desire. Many do not look at being captured as any sort of loss and declare that we are all in many forms of desire. This is of course a loss of sobriety and leads to all sorts of devious behaviours, because of the spiritual element involved.

Turah say's ONCE YOU SIN YOU BECOME A SLAVE TO IT and so many are the believers today, walking around in shackles. Desires work on the same principles as drug intoxication, when one is consumed another is available and ALWAYS AT A COST. This is the "WORLD" Turah says to overcome and the process the Bride has to endure as her spots and wrinkles (DESIRES) are removed by her Messiah lover.

Today's young ones want their prince as a horse !!!

By Chris Hilton . . .