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The word "BEAST" conjures up numerous visions of the many bizarre creatures we have seen in our lives. Man is and always has been fascinated by the creation and it's many beasts. The trouble is man (with his abilities to think and being backed by spiritual entities) has already created many the beast and not always of the flesh.

The book of Revelation talks of a scarlet beast with seven heads and ten horns and a woman riding on it is dressed in scarlet and purple, with a cup in her hand. This beast is depicted as a geneticly sliced creature with incredible powers dominating global activities. So the beast is actually not as it appears, but an image given to us, to decipher.

The days of Noah saw man splicing genes under the wrong sort of spiritual guidance, so much so, to the point where he created a dreadfully uncontrollable "BEAST," which he could no longer stop its behaviour. The experiment was running a path of total destruction of the human race and the animal kingdom. Man through his genetic experiments had created giants that ate people and everything else. These giants had a veracious sexual appetite and fornicated with everything: men women and animals. The deformed apparitions appearing after the pregnancies must have been horrifying to the populace.

But Scripture tells us that they were marrying and drinking and partying right up until the flood was upon them. Obviously with today's knowledge we can deduce that the mental state of the populace was dubious, especially the Scripture that tells us that the pure blood line of Noah and his family were the only ones left on the whole earth uncontaminated. Amazing to think that these mentally retarded beasts could protect a wedding party from animal invasion, as well as follow traditions. How bizarre it must have looked to the Noahic family? Just remember the animals taken on board were not fully grown creatures but a little more than babies who could feed themselves. Everything surrounding the Ark was a supernatural experience.

From everything man creates (some may be beautiful), but they usually end up as some form of veracious beast which devours resources to an extreme. Look at a skyscraper. It can look magnificent, but the cost of its annual consumption and maintenance makes it a devouring beast. All forms of men's creations and systems are beasts i.e. banking, politics, religion, every trade, are all beasts of burden consuming the resources of our environment, so much so that we need to import all sorts of supplements to sustain our wanton creations. Yes man has created so many beasts that surround us and their occupation is the same as the days of Noah, consumption !

Brothers and Sisters try to understand that we we are in the time of prophetic and historic fulfillments, as men are building a body to harbour the spirits that are guiding them.

By Chris Hilton . . .