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What To Expect Talking Truth.


Chris Hilton: For a start Ruth, Yisharal the wife of Yahuah in the time of King David was never called Israel. When the nation split in 2 because of Yisharal's wicked sex laden sins and her whorish behaviour before the nations, she was given a divorce by her husband Yahuah. Yisharal was then punished by the destruction of her cities, cultures and language and she was absorbed into the nations, never to be seen again. This is the prophecy. Of course the Scripture says many times where Yisharal (Yahusha's chosen Bride) will return to The New Yerushalayim (not Israel). These prophecys talk about the New Yerushalayim coming down from Shamayim with Yahusha after the destruction of all sin from this world. There is something going on in Israel today where a people are gathering calling themselves the chosen people. Of course this is impossible because the reapers gather the Bride from the four corners of the earth and bring them to meet Yahusha in the sky. Many teachers and Rabbis are arguing and fighting about the prophecies and how they will be fulfilled. One important thing to realise is that the Covenant of Yisharal included the land while they were in it and inappropriate behaviour would defile the land. Israel's behaviour on the land today is something we should certainly look at and make our own decisions. There are so many confusions about all this but it is possible to wade your way through. The land of Israel used to be lush with trees and wild animals but today as you can see it has not returned to it's former glory. Our behaviour is certainly a very important issue what it's consequences have under Covenant with the land incorporated. So consequently others have laid claim to these lands, not forgetting that Yisharal was unrepentant and absorbed into the nations. In these later days the Jews have risen up and have claimed this land which is causing so much trouble in the middle east. We do not consider that Israel is Yisharal but an imposter and finally it is none of our business and we have no opinion about the behaviour of Israel amongst the nations - we only look at the situation as historical and factual. Frederick: Denier, hater, that has been our life with the behavior of so called believers in the Creator that can exterminate a people......... Myriam: Chris Hilton, legends all this. You Christian preachers never digested that, even after 1700 years of pilgrims, burning at the stake of our people and books, discriminatory laws, theft and pillages, forced conversions and expulsions at your hand, the Jewish nation still survives and has started to flourish again on its own ancestral land. You can't accept that the combined forces of the Roman Empire, the Byzantine Empire, the various Muslim Empires, and two fanatical religions bases on replacement theology (Christianity and Islam) couldn’t destroy us. We Jews still exist and have the unmitigated chutzpah to reclaim our land. The kingdom of Israel was destroyed by Babylon and the Kingdom of Judah barely survived, together with a portion of the Benyamin tribe area in Samaria, until the Persian king Sirius allowed Israel to go back to its land. Some indeed, never came back and some went even further into India and China, but the majority did return, although by then, they had lost the distinctions between tribes and knew themselves only as Israel, Levi, and Cohen. Even after the 2nd exile which took 1Million Jews into the Roman Empire, under Emperor Hadrian in 137 CE, the majority of the population between the Mediterranean Sea and the Jordan remained Jewish and the successive invasions and colonizations which followed for 1700 years didn't change that fact. The census of the population of 1884 showed that the Jews constituted 80% of the population in Jerusalem, Tzfat, Shechem, Hebron, 50% in Jaffa and Haifa, 30% in Gaza, and Tiberias (the majority of Gaza and Tiberias population being non-Arab Christian until the "gift"of Tiberias to the Arabs by the British Mandatory Authority in 1947 and the invasion of Gaza by Egypt in 1948). Nowadays, Israel produces more food than it needs for it's entire population (Jews, Muslims, Druzes, Samaritans, Circassians, etc) and needs to export 1/3 of its production to avoid a glut. Furthermore, look closer: the Jewish villages and cities are flourishing with renewed fauna and flora and the birthrate of Israeli-Jews is nearly twice to three times the birthrate of any occidental country, in spite of using very little water (and allowing both contraception and abortion on demand, neither being forbidden by the Torah). The Arab villages are allocated 1&1/2 time the amount of water needed by Jewish villages, yet they struggle to grow a few olive trees among the rocks and their birthrate is steadily going down. Chris Hilton: Miriam what you say is not what Scripture says, you people always seem to bypass Scripture truth. Yisharal is not Israel, Yisharal is the Bride of Yahusha being prepared to be taken to his presence by the reapers from the four corners of this earth - she is born of the Ruach of Yahusha. Israel is an entity of the flesh (man made). Your history is that Yisharal the wife of Yahuah as she was called in those day's (not "ISRAEL"), was continually called to repentance which she never responded to, but she became worse than any other nation in history in her sexual deviancy. Yahuah sent her a letter of divorcement and her punishment was to be absorbed by the nations never to be seen again, in other words to be swallowed up and all sorts of people were sent to take over this nation - any Jews left were absorbed into these nations mixing their worship with the worship of Yahuah, this happened to both the northern and southern kingdoms. But Israel has never been restored to her former glory and never will. Yahuah kept up His end of the bargain and blessed Israel (as you call her), but she never kept her end of the bargain i.e. the Covenant, to spread the Besorah throughout the world to bring peace and love. Instead of being this sort of a bride she became a married whore and slutted herself to the nations, defiling her given land and her people, thus making herself an abomination before the face of Yahuah as we all have done. Those in Israel who hear this Besorah & REPENT will be delivered (saved) and can become a citizen of Yisharal. Remembering that Yahusha said "My kingdom is not of this earth" The reign and bride of Yahusha will never be seen through fleshy eyes and exists within the hearts of those in his bride who are actually the building blocks of the New Yerushalyim. This is what Turah tells us, the prophets of old described this return of Yahusha Messiah with his Bride, but never describes the people returning before the judgement of fire it is always after sin has been destroyed. This is the same as what happened to Israel. Israel's destruction is the example for the last day judgement of those who sin, if they do not repent and accept Yahusha as Messiah they will be absorbed into nothingness. Again this message is coming to the global community from Yahusha - Repent and be delivered from false teachings. All this is written in the Turah. We tell this Turah in love with no judgement or bias, repentance is a personal decision and Yahusha is calling . . . . . "COME OUT OF HER MY PEOPLE."

Ruth: Chris , now get off our pages ..if you need an audience go to your peoples pages and tell them to cry over the mass killing of Christians happening world wide.