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Carpet-Bagging Hoods.

Looking at our brief studies of today's Israel we see they are claiming to be the Bride of Messiah (the returned lost tribes) A FALSE PROPHESY MISINTERPRETED BY DECEITFUL MEN.

Yisharal was the wife of Yahuah under Covenant (on the land given) and was always plagued by false prophets. Yisharal was never called "Israel." YISHARAL WAS A MARRIED WOMAN, SHE IS NOT THE BRIDE OF MESSIAH, who are the building blocks of the New Yerashalayim. This Bride will be taken up and made perfect to meet Him in the sky on His second coming. Her location today is within the four corners of this earth, where she will be collected by the reapers upon Yahusha's return. That is the Bride of Yahusha, not Yisharal the wife of Yahuah WHO NO LONGER EXISTS !!!

Yisharal the wife of Yahuah was divorced because she broke wedlock and became an adulterous whore to the nations. This type of behaviour did not represent the truth and Besorah (the good news) of salvation (deliverance) to the nations. Instead it represented the abomination of the worst debauchery in history. Obviously this was lust and fornication and not the love and peace of the covenant. IT IS VERY INTERESTING LOOKING AT THE PROPAGANDA OF THE FACE ISRAEL PUTS TOWARDS THE MEDIA TODAY AND THE PARTY LIFE THEY ARE REALLY LIVING.

Actually Israel's behaviour today is looking very much like the wife of Yahuah, the Yisharal of old. She was punished and kicked out of the land, because her whoring behaviour defiled the land. Did you know that Yahuah sent prophets into the lands where Yisharal was scattered and gave her many other chances to repent, but she refused. Yisharal wanted the life of a whore and rejected her husband completely, so she was absorbed into the nations and had lost her rights and any claim to the promised land. Therefore YISHARAL WAS A DIVORCED AND A REJECTED WOMAN WITHOUT DESCENDANTS NEVER TO BE SEEN AGAIN.

We know the written and spoken Hebrew language had been compromised in exile. We know scrolls were found with the true words and the people who found them started worshiping Yahuah. These people were a mixture of nationalities. We know that Yerushalayim had been conquered and re-conquered 27 times, each times bringing in more and more mixtures of the nations. We know historically that the jewish priesthood was bought and sold on a few occasions for political and other reasons.

We know that when Yahusha came He was always rebuking the Pharisees and the Sadducees because their interpretations of Scripture were false and burdensome to the people. YAHUSHA PROVED TO THE PEOPLE THAT THE PRIESTHOOD WAS JUST A BUNCH OF CARPET-BAGGING HOODS. YAHUSHA SHOWED THE PEOPLE HOW TO REPENT AND ENTER THE EVERLASTING REIGN OF YAHUAH. Yahusha renewed the covenant of Moshe and told those that loved Him to go out into the highways and byways to bid whoever to come to the wedding feast, for "My people have rejected me".

Today we have again another bunch of hoods in Israel claiming to be the chosen people, we have the Christians claiming a similar thing, and all this is Ha Shatan's confusion, but those who listen to the calling of Yahusha and follow Him will find rest for their Ruach.

By Chris Hilton . . .