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Have You Come To The End?

Brothers and Sisters let's look at this existence called 'life' . . .

Here's a few bumper stickers which show the mindset of society:

In the Dictionary LIFE is looked at in terms of BREATHING & EXISTING but who is satisfied with only that? Surely there's more to LIFE than simply BREATHING & EXISTING, . . . . surely!

Sadly for a large percent of society this is all they achieve, no matter how many toys there are to play with. Is there any satisfaction in simply existing? As soon as more money rolls in, they suddenly find themselves in a new club or status where more money is required to simply exist, and so the cycle of chasing wealth rolls on. Even the billionaire's aren't satisfied. Is that happiness?

In the Hebrew language LIFE encapsulates much more than just existing. It speaks of a journey, rebirth, nourishing, quickening, reviving. It also speaks of SUFFERING and DEATH.

Our inner man is alive if we have been immersed into the Name of Yahusha. He has inserted a downpayment of HIS essence, HIS breath or HIS life into us to start and carry out our redemption process. Just like any investment though - He wants His downpayment to grow inside His Bride until she has been risen up perfected in the end. We are all in this process of overcoming and the BATTLE between our outer man (simply existing) experience and our inner man, (alive, overcoming and being filled with the daily love of Yahusha) experience is a REALITY for us.

If we read Romans 8 we see that there is a battle going on between the mind of the flesh and the mind of the spirit (ruach). We are told that trying to live a fleshly existence (simply breathing, consuming and pleasuring) does not please Yahusha. If Yahusha is not pleased how are WE His Bride going to feel? . . . . happy and fulfilled, or empty and dead? Living for the flesh and chasing after things that sparkle is not going to make us happy or content is it.

If we are putting to death the flesh with it’s lusts and desires, picking up our stake and following in Yahusha’s example, we will soon find the end of ourselves, and realise we keep going around and around the same old habits, desires and life’s lessons until we are sick of our fleshly existence and see what Yahusha is offering to all those who would SURRENDER and DIE. This is finding the end of yourself.

Have you faced that you yourself in your flesh are capable of doing nothing good or successful or worthwhile? Yahusha tells us that those who are willing to give up their life (such as it is with it’s misery, lusts and wicked behaviours) will find life. Now who thinks that the life Yahusha gives us might be happier and give us more contentment than the (such as it is) current existence living in the flesh? True life means to suffer but haven’t we been doing that anyway because of our own stupidity and choices? So clearly suffering is not a problem for us, it must be the control part. We don't like giving up control of our lives do we? Not knowing where the wind (ruach) is going to blow, not able to prepare for it, having to whole-heartedly trust in Yahusha for our future, our children, our safety, our quality of life. YES this is what following Yahusha is all about. Trusting, listening and following.

The battle is ever raging and we will never be finished warring against our flesh until Yahusha returns but have you wondered why everything you don’t want to do and behave - you end up doing and everything you don’t want to be or behave - you give in and do anyway? This is the battle. The flesh vs the Spirit. The outer man vs the inner man.

Coming to the end of yourself is an understanding - none of us are at the end yet. But we want to be. Or is there something else you deem more important than this? Maybe there’s some more of the flesh you want to experience first? Anything? That cuisine, or that holiday, or those sneaky desires? Have you come to the end of your life and ready for Yahusha to take over, lead you and guide you? It's Your choice. Every good thing in our life comes from Yahusha and there are lots of amazing things in our lives that He blesses and provides us with. He is in control, not us. WE CAN DO NO GOOD OF OURSELF. We can’t control anything or anyone, we can’t change anyone’s mind about anything. The only good thing we can do is from Yahusha flowing through us. He gives us the thoughts and we obey and do them.

If we don't do this . . . . if we don't keep walking down this redemption path of overcoming the evil that flows through us (from the unclean) . . . . . if we are not obedient then we feel the hand of wrath on us from Yahusha, who flogs and trains and disciplines us all until we bear the right fruit (behaviour) of righteousness and love . . .

Have you come to the end yet?