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Who Are The 10 Ten Kings of Rev 17?


These ten kings are going to destroy the woman (whore) riding on and controlling the beast (system). The kings hate her and lay her waste and naked, (reveal everything about her system), they are going to eat her flesh and burn her with fire.

What all this means is pretty easy to decipher; the system we are all under now, is going to go through a change and we will be ruled by these 10 kings.

In verse 18 it says, "And the Asher (woman) whom you saw is that great city having sovereignty over the sovereigns of the arets (earth)".

So this (religious multi-national) entity will lose it's power. In our study we are looking at the billionaires of this world and wondering if they may be the ten-horned kings who will rule in the end. The wealth of the uber-rich is growing at incredible unseen rates like never before.

Where do you think you stand when you look at their massive wealth? When they reign, what do you think their plan is for us commoners? We already know that the royals think this world is overpopulated.

We know that billionaires usually control vast amounts of people to do their biddings and we have associated their wealth with a form of sovereignty, like being kings.

Behaviour Revolution can see that this could be a possibility as the wealthy are growing richer and everyone else is diminishing in their personal wealth. We also find it interesting that Israel is doing the same things as these wealthy oligarchs and has many billionaires and millionaires. What is Israel's direction we wonder?

Researching Israel's identity we discover that she is actually not Yisharal the bride of Yahusha, but stands in her own identity.

Upon the return of Yahusha the reapers are sent to the 4 corners of the earth to retrieve the Chosen Bride that has been hidden and perfected for His return. The Israel that is in the middle east now, is not Yisharal the Bride of Yahusha - her behaviour is not the Turah of Yahusha, but a wonderful and amazing mixture of her individuality. Quite captivating.

Seeing this modernised behaviour of Israel we were wondering if she too is one of these last day kings that will rise up - her disguise is incredibly convincing, as are all the hidden kings.

Did you know Israel was so incredibly wealthy ?

By Chris Hilton . . .