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Wind of Deliverance

Just saying, looking at the natural things - Imagine all that middle eastern natural armpit deodorant, with the chick-pea and other goodies diet plus bad breath. Someone or 2 is going to drop a few fart bombs under their skirts. Imagine being stuck in the centre of this mob, where your sence of smell brings you out of the excitement into reality. "There is no wind of deliverance," because it is such an enclosed area. Never the less there is a frantic push to get to a crack in the wall to plant their written and folded prayer request to the "God of the wall." Every now and then someone in the excitement and pushing drops another bomb, which is rustled through the many skirts and tunics and is eventually forced to rise to nostril level. This is where it lingers in the heat of the day. It loses it's freshness and eventually joins the fog of stale fart that everyone breaths in and passes on.

By Chris Hilton