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All Idolatry Is Punished.

The internet is full of propaganda such as this post declares. These statements are continually repulsively negative and a stress to endure. Because of the ignorance of these posters, they don't see the damage they are causing the Jewish Nation.

True history reveals much to the observant student, for instance if we wander back a few thousand years to the account of king David we see that David's sin of lust led him to destroying a marriage and having the husband of the woman he was lusting after murdered. David lost the son that he and Bathsheba produced, David was devastated and went into mourning to restore his relationship with the Father in heaven and this took many tears and grieving prayer before the Father responded.

We don't care what men say but believe that any person who goes against Turah instruction will experience the judgement and anger from the Father for their behaviour (in spite of what men declare). Some wickedness is visited by sickness as a punishment and some are destroyed for their wilfulness. All idolatry is punished by the Father in His time.

King Solomon did the same thing which caused the Nation of Israel to split into 2 nations, with 2 temples totally against Turah, entering into brazen idolatry and breaking the Marriage Covenant. The Father punished them by destroying their cities, divorcing them and scattering them into the nations. Israel came back to rebuild the walls of Jerusalem and the temple but again their sins of lust took over again. So the Father once again judged and scattered this jewish people.

Not only the Jews but many nations have had these same judgements. Today Israel is back in the land doing things again, it is up to every individual to judge for themselves what they see is coming out of Israel and is it according to Turah or traditions we are presented with.

By Chris Hilton . . .