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B/Day Abomination.

Really !!

I was born in 1948 and I haven't celebrated B/Days for the past 12 years because it is not in Turah for us to celebrate.

We all know that celebrating a B/Day is a pagan witchcraft tradition that goes way back to Nimrod.

Wouldn't you think that the people who are the keepers of the Turah would realise that giving Israel a B/Day is against what they hold so precious?

Obviously the tool they hold is useless if it is not under instruction of the Master Planner. Sometimes the value of a thing is missed because of mythology and traditions surrounding it's purpose. Therefore the goal of it's importance is missed and we find ourselves worshiping the wrong thing !

Does this B/Day wish for Israel show us that once again she is bypassing truth to suit her own purpose? Has power, wealth and the attraction of pagan festivals caused her to intermix traditions with Turah again ?

This type of worshiping is what got her divorced from Covenant and scattered into the nations originally and now Israel is openly declaring her witchcraft again before the nations.

I know if I celebrated my B/Day before Yahuah it would be an abomination before Him and I do not wish to bring such disgrace to His truth. Do you think Israel does feel the same way about who she worships?

By Chris Hilton . . .