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To 'SUBMIT' or 'SUBJECT' ourselves?


Women are being attacked and degraded by religious leaders who tell them to SUBMIT to their husbands. This behaviour sets up barriers of wickedness that eventually explode into sin. For a start, women are told to SUBECT themselves to their husbands in Turah not to SUBMIT and husbands have the same instruction towards their wives. Being SUBJECT and submitting are 2 very different behaviours.

Natsarim believers need to understand that coming into a relationship with Yahusha is a fierce thing as He tells us in Heb 12:5-11. This is called "The Test"

(see Behaviour Revolution).

Yahusha expects a standard of behaviour from all of us and He wants us to know that we can't mix Turah with traditions.

The problems Natsarim men and women face when they come into the commonwealth of Yisharal is that their mindsets are completely mixed with Turah and traditions. The purpose of the Ruach ha'Qodesh is to cleanse us from the traditions of this world, actually Yahusha hates traditions & sometimes we have to go through quite a flogging before we will change our behaviour. Never the less this argument flourishes between men and women constantly.

"The whole family is doing xmas and you won't go . . . . . what will I tell my mother ? But it's Julie's birthday . . . . OMG it's Easter and you don't want eggs? . . . . Your friends are controlling you too much . . . . they are trying to control my life and I won't let them. Everyone is going waterskiing and then to the club for dinner and you want to do the Shabath and miss out. I hate all this . . . . it is too religious".

The flesh is against the spirit and vice versa. Our dilemmas and clashing with each other are from the mixture in our mindsets; traditions and Turah mixed. When Natsarim men and women decide to "come out of her my people" it is a completely different experience than joining a religion. Remember when Yahusha said He didn't come to bring peace and that following Him would turn everyone against each other. Believers need to know "The Test" they have to pass to be accepted as the Bridal Company.

Those who are unwilling to change to true loving Natsarim behaviour will fall away and their love will go cold - then they will be destroyed. Then she says, "See my God is a loving God, not a brute like you are worshiping."

Brothers if these conversations are happening in your home and you are threatened with divorce and losing your family, it is time to sit down and have a talk about just what you both committed to at your immersion. It is time to explain the commitment you both chose and realise that unclean spirits are ruining your lives. Yahusha says he hates double mindedness and we will be punished for such behaviour, if we refuse discipline we will be treated as illegitimate.

Yahusha is very patient and loving - He cannot be wrong or tempted to do sin, but if we push too far we lose.

By Chris Hilton . . .