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Role Reversal.

THE REASON WHY WE HAVE ROLE REVERSAL IN THE ASSEMBLY, is because deceivers have come into the Messianic/Natsarim movement who have set themselves up as teachers and given themselves titles in the vein of Rabbi, Priest, Teacher etc, which of course is unscriptural. They are sort of like a bunch of carpetbaggers.

These hypocrites have brought with them the MINDSET OF THE MIXTURE. This terrorising mindset of confusion has been explained in previous articles on Behaviour Revolution. Basically it involves mixing Scripture with teachings of men. This behaviour creates violence and confusion in humanity. Yisharal the wife of Yahuah mixed worship of Yahuah with surrounding pagan deities and their worship with Turah. This caused a violent role reversal of confusion and brought punishment and judgement on Yisharal. She was divorced and scattered into the nations for her wicked behaviour of the mixture of Turah with the teachings of men.

The same thing has happened with Christianity. They have mixed the teachings of Turah with the teachings of men. They do not follow the Turah but the teachings of the forefathers and their interpretations of what they think the Turah is saying. The Jewish nation today is doing the same thing by teaching what the former Rabbi's believed the Turah was saying. Standing on the premise of these teachings is not Turah but an abomination and a curse to those doing such behaviour. Just as in the days of Noak, humanity's bloodline was corrupted and today we are corrupted by the curse of the mixture. The mixture reverses the role of humanity, the world is becoming full of violence and is getting close to Yahusha's return where He brings judgment and destruction to "TURAH DISOBEDIENCE."

Yahusha wants a man to take the leadership role in the family home, reversing the mixture to it's correct order. If you are a believer today and you are feeling the prompting of Yahusha to sit down with your wife and discuss this issue to put the home-life in order, you had better be obedient. If the wife can see her believing husband is not taking the responsibility he needs to, she is best to talk with him.

Yahusha hates role reversals and that means those who play them. Don't kid yourself - He wants a wife without spot or wrinkle and those who don't come up with the goodies in a genuine heart-felt way, will be disregarded. We hope you realise it is all up to us, husband and wife, man and woman, to wholeheartedly live Turah before our Maker. Excuses are lies that will not be forgiven.

Men don't be foolish and not face all the behaviours of your family. Bring Turah into every circumstance so that Turah dominates in the home, not the mixture. If you are afraid to speak out you lose - you are not a true man, you are a wimp. A real man loves Turah and is not embarrassed, but is blessed and thankful for his relationship with Yahuah.

BECAUSE OF THE MIXTURE AND LACK OF GROUNDED TURAH TEACHING ON BEHAVIOUR, A FLOOD-GATE HAS OPENED INTO THE BODY. Many are entering the Assembly looking for love, declaring they are genuine but are deceivers. Take for instance the parable of the weeds and the wheat being planted together. Brothers this parable is being fulfilled right before our very eyes today, as these plantings grow together some bear fruit and some don't.

F R U I T A L W A Y S S P E A K S O F B E H A V I O U R .

Those not bearing righteous fruit are the ones with the fraudulent behaviour not manifesting Turah. ASSEMBLY BEHAVIOUR SHOULD ALWAYS BE TRANSPARENT IN SHARING LOVE WITH A GENUINE AFFECTION FOR EACH OTHER. But because of the mixture (teachings of men) a wicked growth has been planted with the wheat causing violence and confusion to reign behind closed doors in the Natsarim family units.

ROLE REVERSAL is being acted out even in public amongst some families creating complete confusion from onlookers. Many women have snuck into the Assembly looking for a husband and many stupid, desperate male believers who think they can change their woman break covenant and end up with a desperate marriage with children involved and all.

Today in the Assembly we have many dominating women wanting to rule the marriage - of course this behaviour is an abomination to Yahusha and is exactly what has repeated itself throughout history, bringing judgement and disaster. The behaviour of a woman trapped in the mixture and refusing to reject her idolatry (mindset mixture) for Turah is a wickedness - too evil to watch. She can see what she wants from a stupid man and completely goes about separating him from the flock, just like a hungry wolf separates the weak from the strong, but she separates with her sexual enticements and flatteries - a behaviour repulsive to real Natsarim women.

The picture above shows how ones close to the stupid man will be treated. The words she will say about his friends and relatives are as damaging as the knives coming from her mouth. Brothers we are living in the time where the weeds are spreading their poison trying to suffocate true believers. For the real Assembly it is time to realise this situation is going to get worse and if your behaviour is not Turah appropriate, these knives of poison will pierce your hearts and kill your love. Turah behaviour is your life line and protection - don't loose it and always face the truth about bad behaviour.

By Chris Hilton . . .