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3 Different Men's Behaviours.

There are 3 different behaviours for men:

* 1st is a worldly unspiritual man who will slap and punch,

* 2nd is a holy spirit filled believer and religious man who will also slap and punch.

* The 3rd and last behaviour is for a "REAL" believer who is Ruach filled and matured, where it would be an insult and dishonour to declare such a provoking statement to his face - which this post does.

Religious and worldly man's behaviour is a mixture of Turah and idolatry which is an abomination before Yahuah. To present this type of provoking post to all men without considering the 3 different behaviours is complete disrespect to those who have overcome the tauntings of women. Men and women have to learn to speak to each other as Turah instructs by overcoming the tauntings of unclean spirits. If we all do not overcome we will be treated as illegitimate and not sons.

By Chris Hilton . . .