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Caught Up.

Sisters . . !!

CAUGHT-UP Ive been trying to get this together for ages and struggling to find the words and didn't realise there is a force against me to break free and just express myself truly... So here we go!

Its a journey from childhood which was so much fun and adventure within a loving family, and as we all grow, I had to make decisions for myself, wondering where i'll end up, but always thinking, "there must be more to life than this?" My Catholic background didn't give me satisfaction, or relief, as i'd told an old priest in confession at St Patricks and his answer summed it up, "well dear, whatever makes you happy!?" As I travelled around the world, searching for some truth, through all the cultures, and ruins of Europe, Mexico, Central and South America, I was completely depressed, conquered and broke and had to return home to the System. I had great help from my family's love, encouragement and support.

Then meeting my husband, we both ventured on a journey together looking for the truth. We explored Meditation, Gurus, Hinduism, Buddhism, then Christianity - being a Pastors wife, all the time fighting, arguing, researching, changing our minds, going to all lengths to find the truth out there. The truth wasn't there!

Eventually we found the Creator's "Name" in the Natsarim religion. I was sick of going from one religion to the next, having friends and family wondering what I'm into now and all the way along trying to convert everyone into our new found belief. Feeling like a slave and caught up inside, not being able to express all these changes as they come, the excitement and relief in my heart put me into terrible bondage that I couldn't communicate.

Now that I'm free, I don't feel the pressure of religiously trying to push my ideas onto anyone, but that doesn't stop me speaking truth because I know only Yahusha's blood has given me this freedom.

By Victoria Hilton . . .