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Shabath and the Exodus Today.

Brothers . . . !!


When the Exodus took place it was a dramatic and supernatural intervention by Yahuah into the human religious and political mindset of the most powerful nation of it's time, revealing to us that YAHUAH IS ABOVE AND BEYOND THE LIMITED-NESS OF THE FLESH. Egypt had turned the nation of Israel into a race of slave servants, who were crying out for DELIVERANCE from Yahuah (their mighty, high and lofty one: Alahim). Reading the whole account of the Exodus is a fascinating experience that will change your views and concepts for the rest of your days. Really it is the foundation of our global existence.

The saga of the life of Mushah (Moses) speaks to us today of our own deliverance and journey. It is fraught with incredible miracles that esculate, climax, descend, then follow the same pattern again and again. It is such an amazing journey and yet somehow the similarities of the life of Mushah and Israel fit into our own lives journey, but of course on a different scale and we can see what Yahusha is saying to us on our comparisons of the two.

Yahuah eventually delivered His people through many miraculous experiences, all of which are lessons for us to gleen as we are being transposed during our journey. We learn how THE ENEMY AND TYRANT OF OUR LIFE REFUSES TO LET US GO, BUT WE ARE WALKING WITH THE FIRE AND CLOUD OF YAHUAH'S PROTECTION and are watching ourselves walk through the impossible to gain eternal Life.

Once Israel saw the seas parted and crossed on the dry land, then witnessed the waters closing in on their tyrant enemy, they could see the power of Who they were dealing with. Israel is an example of all of us. Yahuah called Israel to the mountain and gave Mushah the tablets written with the new mindset (the ten commandments), which He wanted Israel to apply to their behaviour.


The reason why Israel had to wander through the desert for 40 years is because she would not put off her idolatrous behaviour. YAHUAH WANTED THE NEXT GENERATION WHO WERE ALREADY GROWING IN HIS WORD. Yahuah helped the process of elimination by opening up the ground and swallowing the disobedient by the thousands at certain times of mass disobedience. Yahuah wants what He wants, and Scripture says "He needs no council." We are given life and we have a choice to receive eternal life or not. It is His way or the highway - He is not mucking around today as in the times of Mushah - if we refuse the new behaviour (the wedding vows -the T.C.) then Yahusha is really not interested. It has always been the same - Yahusha never changes. He is looking for a Bride who chooses to love Him through "THE NEW BEHAVIOUR," (the T.C).

EXODUS 20:8 - "Remember the Yom Shabath, to set it apart".

Shabath is the 4th Commandment given to Mushah on the mount and Shabath is part of the new behaviour which Yahusha wants all of us to follow (even today, because His Word is Eternal). This is how Shabath relates to the Exodus: DOING SHABATH SHOWS THAT WE ARE IN OBEDIENT COVENANT RELATIONSHIP WITH OUR CREATOR AND WE HAVE HIS MARK. Shabath is a day of rest where we do no buying or selling and we rest in our homes. Make your meals an interesting and exciting family time, read, have some alone time, have some cuddle times, ladies you can cook on an electric hot plate because it is not an open flame. Remember it is a time of celebrating some REST. We do no work, no making the beds - you still have to pack the dish-washer for health reasons though. Mainly Shabath is not a religious time, we don't go to meetings, "church," visiting family or friends. It is just a lovely time for family at home who will always remember the preciousness of Shabath.

We are being delivered from the tyrant captors of today (religion, politics and finance) and Turah sets us apart (through the new behaviour) from this heirachy and into the protection of Yahusha where we will be guided by His Ruach not to make stupid mistakes as we adhere to Turah (by counting the cost). With our deliverance comes a wonderful joy and happiness of knowing that through our obedience to the New Behaviour we will find rest.

By Chris Hilton . . .