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God, Adonai and haShem?

Brothers and Sisters

These three titles are constantly being used to refer to our almighty Creator and Father Yahuah, but WHY? Let's have a look:

GOD: (god) Common Teutonic word for personal object of religious worship, formerly applicable to super-human beings of heathen myth; on conversion of Teutonic races to Christianity, term was applied to Supreme Being.”


(The primary "super-human being" of heathen mythology is NIMROD).

ADONAI: Since pronouncing God’s personal Name YHWH is considered sinful by Jews, they use Adonai instead in prayers and the reading of the Scriptures. When the Masoretes added vowel pointings to the text of the Hebrew Bible in the first century A.D, they gave the tetragrammaton YHWH the vowels of Adonai, to remind the reader to say Adonai instead. THEOPEDIA.COM

ORIGIN OF ADONAI: Literally, 'my Lord', spoken in place of the ineffable name Yahweh. DICTIONARY.COM

HaShem: is the word which many pious Jews use instead of the yod-hey-vav-hey Name, in casual conversation, and it literally means “The Name”. When they encounter this during prayers or when reading from the Torah, they visualise yod-hey-vav-hey and say Adonai.


The Hebrew words Adonai, Alahim, Eloi, Eloah, and others are pronouns as you know. Many people feel it is wrong to substitute formerly Pagan terms or names for Father Yahuah, of course (like GOD). I've never found any Scriptures using the term "haShem" to replace the Name Yahuah, yet we know it's in common use among many Messianics and orthodox Yahudim (jews). There's no letter "V" as we know it today in older Hebrew, but modern Hebrew uses such a letter (since the 17th century). "Jehovah" is a hybrid mongrelization of the Tetragrammaton YHUH, changed to JHVH, then the vowels of "adonai" are crammed in, to CUE the reader to not pronounce the Name Yahuah, but instead say adonai. LEW WHITE

So how do we explain all this madness to a young person seeking Yahusha’s deliverance……. here we go:

All religions come from Babylon and behind every false name and title there is an unclear spirit lurking, veiling the truth of Yahusha’s Name and hence His Deliverance from evil through belief, repentance and Immersion in His Name (Yahusha literally means Yahuah is our Deliverance)… Now how easy is that to understand? Anything that casts the true Name of our Creator Yahuah and Messiah Yahusha to ruin is breaking the 3rd Commandment and is lawlessness (sin - hence a demon).

“God/Gad” is wicked and pagan and truly an insult to His majesty, referring to Him as a mythical creature or common object of idol worship.

“Adonai” and “Lord” are directly related in Hebrew and both refer to Baal (Moloch) the child-sacrificing and tree-worshipping idolatry that saw Yahuah’s Bride (Yisharal) divorced and scattered into captivity over 2730 years ago. Yahuah is incredibly offended with being called this.

“HaShem” literally means “the Name” - so if all other efforts to NOT call Yahuah by His true Name fail, just cal Him `Name’. How callous and impersonal is that? The first thing we learn about a person when meeting them is their Name and we know that the Name of Yahuah is the Key of Knowledge unlocking the true meanings and context to the Scripture. It also opens the doorway to Deliverance, which is Yahusha Himself.

So why would we use the wicked terms God, Adonai or HaShem when we know, believe, have repented, been immersed and are being redeemed in the marvellous life-giving Name of Yahusha?

Elohim (more correctly Alahim) is in the Scriptures and simply means 'mighty one', so this is an acceptable pronoun but I still personally hardly ever use it, I mean why would I? I know His True Name . . .

We can see a lot about the type of relationship someone has with their Creator by the expressions and terminology they’ve been taught to use by the Pastors, Preachers, Teachers and Rabbis of organised Religion can’t we? We still love and cherish them and let them have their mindsets, but if at all possible - try and introduce them to the actual being they merely ignorantly (not knowing) refer to but haven’t met yet . . . . . YAHUSHA. He is so wonderful, loving and kind and His burden is very light. He requires those who worship Him to do so through their obedient behaviour and lifestyle in spirit and in truth. No longer in a temple made with hands but in the earthen vessels that are US as He takes us over and reigns in our hearts.

By Mark Davidson

( get yourself a copy of the BYNV Scriptures which has restored all the correct Names )