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Order & Balance/Love & Affection.

Brothers & Sisters . . .

after going on an amazing rollercoaster ride of emotions, trials and life's lessons the last few months, I've learnt a few things:

Our priorities in life need to be balanced while our emotions need to be managed so that intense extremes do not occur. If gone unchecked our desires can lead us into strange, erratic behavior where we abandon the reality of our daily responsibilities and routines for the warm and fuzzy (often unrealistic) iconized romanticism that ""life"" offers.

Now Yahusha is extreme. His love is extreme. Everything He does is extreme and often just straight-up bizarre. There is nothing wrong with trying to comprehend the intoxicating, intense love that Yahusha floods us with and being hungry for it but we must always remember that HOW we express it to others is often OUR interpretation of it and we need to strive to love like He does and to hear HIS voice in all situations so that we don't get swept up in the careless abandonment of emotions. We must arrest our thoughts and decide who is whispering to us.

Life needs to be balanced, ordered and routined for us to prosper, achieve and 'tarry on' until Yahusha returns - buying, selling, investing and trading, taking care of ourselves, our health and finances etc etc and of course Yahusha leads us and guides us in all these avenues and ventures. Don't be impatient, don't be unrealistic, don't be in lalaland. Set out your goals, your aspirations and plans and present them to your Father Who loves you and gives those who diligently serve Him favor and the desires of their heart. Seek first His Reign, His Esteem and His love in your life and "all these things" (desires) will be added to you in due time. If you chase after the "all these things" you may end up flat on your face, devastated and broke.

Nothing good happens in your day without Yahusha orchestrating it and there is no such thing as coincidences. He longs for us to find Him all through our day, to chase Him and to experience even just a drop of the overwhelming intensity of His affection towards us.

Do you feel this? Are you hungry for this? There is no satisfaction in ANYTHING else on this planet. NOTHING!! So let's get our lives in order brothers and sisters, work out schedules, plans and routines, try and be realistic, don't spread yourself too thin, always count the cost. Listen to Yahusha's guidance in everything and be very very practical (because He is). Make a goal, make lots of goals and then start achieving them one by one, whether they be financial, appearance, health, a relationship, anything. Every encounter and plan that He arranges is always just so stunning, amazing and completely surprising.

We never know where the breath of His Ruach will blow next but we are called to listen and follow, flowing in His loving-kindness.

These are just some things I heard this morning and I hope you find them encouraging and helpful.

By Mark Davidson