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Bearing False Witness.

.........THE 9th COMMAND ........... "YOU DO NOT BEAR FALSE WITNESS AGAINST YOUR NEIGHBOUR." As we look at the Commandments, we see so many times where it says "YOU DO NOT." The real understandings of this statement is that Yahusha went to so much trouble all those years ago, on the mount with Mushah, to give us a program of foolproof behaviour to follow, telling us if we stay within these command boundaries, we will be protected and blessed. The commandments are a choice for us to follow, and only then will we see the rewards. The Commands are completely relevant to today's lifestyle. Ask yourself how did Yahuah figure all that out through the languages of this world and even through time, where the Commands still work today? The biggest question is why would man reject such a wonderful offer ? Man has lost sight of the truth of Turah, which has rendered him spiritually asleep. Man now follows an alternative behaviour opposing Turah, which will lead to his destruction. All those who disobey Turah will be destroyed, but this statement today just falls on death ears. TELLING LIES IS BEARING FALSE WITNESS ! looking at the meaning of the word "FALSE," we gain a greater understanding of the depth and of meaning of what being a false witness really is. FALSE: adjective 1. not according with truth or fact; incorrect. "he was feeding false information to his customers" synonyms: incorrect, untrue, wrong, erroneous, fallacious, faulty, flawed, distorted, inaccurate, inexact, imprecise, invalid, unfounded; untruthful, fictitious, concocted, fabricated, invented, made up, trumped up, unreal, counterfeit, forged, fraudulent, spurious, misleading, deceptive "he gave a false account of his movements" 2. made to imitate something in order to deceive. "the trunk had a false bottom" JUST LOOK AROUND YOU AND SEE IF THERE ARE THOSE WHO YOU CONSIDER WILL NOT BEAR FALSE WITNESS AGAINST YOU. IF YOU CAN!

By Christopher Hilton...