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Do Not Despise the Discipline.


HEB 12:5 “My son do not despise the disciple of Yahuah nor faint when you are reproved by Him, for whom Yahuah LOVES He disciplines and FLOGS every son whom He receives. If you ENDURE discipline Yahuah is treating you like sons . . . “

The Bride is getting a message loud and clear this week about the firey test she’s been given to PROVE HER LOVE (is her life more important than Yahusha or will she surrender and give up her whole life to follow Him?) Will she surrender peacefully because she can see the overwhelming amazing love of her groom and will follow Him anywhere even to her death? Or is she kicking and screaming and complaining her way to a slow and miserable death?

The fruits (of the Ruach) of righteous behaviour is not just handed to us, but must be grown and we must practise them. Even though we may have repented of our old life upon our immersion, we really have no clue about what truly controls us or the state of our wicked self and all our unclean habits.

The only way for us to change and overcome evil and really claim the deliverance and freedom Yahusha offers us is if we DO NOT DESPISE HIS DISCIPLE but receive it and be willing TO BE FLOGGED & REBUKED because the truth is we don’t know what we need to change at first - we are not in charge or control of the training process. Only Yahusha knows the depth of the sneaky depravity that lurks down all the corridors of our hearts and the secret treasures we keep hidden and HE WANTS THEM ALL GONE.

DISCIPLINE: training someone to obey rules of behaviour using punishment for disobedience!

The Bride has been told that everything in her life is a test to prove her love and not to complain. This goes against all our selfish, ‘precious’ human natures and that is why His discipline is needed.

Imagine despising His loving hand while He is so personally moving and working with each of us to make us ready to meet Him. I have spent my whole life complaining and despising any sort of discipline and I have much regret and consequence because of it. So I can tell you that THIS IS THE ONLY WAY TO OVERCOME our hideous self and change, otherwise a whole lot of misery is waiting for you . . . Why won’t people truly talk about the flogging or disciplining of Yahuah within them? Why isn’t this a reality in the Bride?

By Mark Davidson