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Lionel and Iiona, you both seem to forget what Yahuah did to Yisharal for their sin against His word. He is no respecter of persons, Yisharal was divorced by Yahuah and Yahuah has never returned to their temples, because of their mixture of Idolatry and Turah, in their worship of Him, which they still even carry up to this day. He has made our bodies now, the dwelling place of His temple. Anyone who is outside the Blood Covenant, is sowing their own destruction. As far as history goes men have contrived their own way, men still today reject the way of Turah and bring judgement on their own behaviours. The settled aboriginal tribes that were globally scattered who all came from Babylon, brought with them the mixture of Turah with idolatry. These tribes who lay claim to certain sites and lands are outside the Blood Covenant of Yahusha because of what they still worship i.e. "The Mixture." These aboriginal nations are under the governments of men who are not in The Blood Covenant of Yahusha, they are of the world, and are ruthless. Yahusha is aware of the aboriginal nations and their situation He is bringing the "GOOD NEWS" to them all. Those who choose Yahusha will become part of Yisharal, those who won't repent, have settled their own doom. The things which men do and say outside the covenant will bring upon themselves, their own destructions. Lionel and Iiona I think you need to look globally at the workings of Yahusha, He told us in Matt 24 just what the last days would be beholding. Is it not Yahusha that brings judgement upon all mankind for their behaviour outside His Blood Covenant ?