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Result of search for "beast": 338 'iy ee probably identical 337 (through the idea of a doleful sound); a howler (used only in the plural), i.e. any solitary wild creature; --wild beast of the islands. 929 bhemah be-hay-maw' from an unused root (probably meaning to be mute); properly, a dumb beast; especially any large quadruped or animal (often collective):--beast, cattle.1062 bkowrah bek-o-raw' or (short) bkorah {bek-o-raw'}; feminine of 1060; the firstling of man or beast; abstractly primogeniture:--birthright, firstborn(-ling).1165 b`iyr beh-ere' from 1197 (in the sense of eating): cattle:--beast, cattle.2123 ziyz zeez from an unused root apparently meaning to be conspicuous; fulness of the breast; also a moving creature:--abundance, wild beast.2416 chay khah'-ee from 2421; alive; hence, raw (flesh); fresh (plant, water, year), strong; also (as noun, especially in the feminine singular and masculine plural) life (or living thing), whether literally or figuratively:--+ age, alive, appetite, (wild) beast, company, congregation, life(-time), live(-ly), living (creature, thing), maintenance, + merry, multitude, + (be) old, quick, raw, running, springing, troop.2423 cheyva' khay-vaw' (Aramaic) from 2418; an animal:--beast.2874 tebach teh'-bakh from 2873; properly, something slaughtered; hence, a beast (or meat, as butchered); abstr. butchery (or concretely, a place of slaughter):--X beast, slaughter, X slay, X sore.2943 ta`an taw-an' a primitive root; to load a beast:--lade.3753 karkarah kar-kaw-raw' from 3769; a dromedary (from its rapid motion as if dancing):--swift beast.3899 lechem lekh'-em from 3898; food (for man or beast), especially bread, or grain (for making it):--((shew-))bread, X eat, food, fruit, loaf, meat, victuals. See also 1036.4806 mriy' mer-ee' from 4754 in the sense of grossness, through the idea of domineering (Compare 4756); stall-fed; often (as noun) a beeve:--fat (fed) beast (cattle, -ling).5038 nbelah neb-ay-law' from 5034; a flabby thing, i.e. a carcase or carrion (human or bestial, often collectively); figuratively, an idol:-- (dead) body, (dead) carcase, dead of itself, which died, (beast) that (which) dieth of itself.5315 nephesh neh'-fesh from 5314; properly, a breathing creature, i.e. animal of (abstractly) vitality; used very widely in a literal, accommodated or figurative sense (bodily or mental):--any, appetite, beast, body, breath, creature, X dead(-ly), desire, X (dis-)contented, X fish, ghost, + greedy, he, heart(-y), (hath, X jeopardy of) life (X in jeopardy), lust, man, me, mind, mortally, one, own, person, pleasure, (her-, him-, my-, thy-)self, them (your)-selves, + slay, soul, + tablet, they, thing, (X she) will, X would have it.6297 peger peh'gher from 6296; a carcase (as limp), whether of man or beast; figuratively, an idolatrous image:--carcase, corpse, dead body.6728 tsiyiy tsee-ee' from the same as 6723; a desert-dweller, i.e. nomad or wild beast:--wild beast of the desert, that dwell in (inhabiting) the wilderness.7409 rekesh reh'-kesh from 7408; a relay of animals on a post-route (as stored up for that purpose); by implication, a courser:--dromedary, mule, swift beast.7925 shakam shaw-kam' a primitive root; properly, to incline (the shoulder to a burden); but used only as denominative from 7926; literally, to load up (on the back of man or beast), i.e. to start early in the morning:--(arise, be up, get (oneself) up, rise up) early (betimes), morning.8264 shaqaq shaw-kak' a primitive root; to course (like a beast of prey); by implication, to seek greedily:--have appetite, justle one against another, long, range, run (to and fro).

SCRIPTURE UNDERSTANDING: REVELATION 13:11-17 And I saw another beast coming up out of the earth, and he had 2 horns like a lamb and spoke like a dragon. And he exercises all the authority of the first beast in his presence,and causes the earth and those who dwell in it to worship the first beast, whose deadly wound was healed.

And he does great signs, so that he even makes fire come down from heaven before men. And he leads astray those dwelling on the earth because of those signs which he was given to do before the beast, saying to those dwelling on the earth to make an image to the beast who was wounded by the sword, yet lived. And there was given to him to give a ruach to the image of the beast, that the image of the beast should both speak and cause to be killed as many as would not worship the image of the beast. And he caused all both small and great, and rich and poor, and free and slave, to be given a mark upon their right hand or upon their foreheads, and that no-one should be able to buy or sell except he that has the mark or the name of the beast, or the number of his name.

There are many descriptions of what a beast is, in the inspired Hebrew which shows us that it can be a spiritual, or a political system. The scripture above tells us much about the character of the 2 beasts. The first beast System is a chimera (mixture) and is referred to by many as the catholic system, the 2nd beast reveals itself in verse 13 as the Jewish system rising up out of humanity.

Reason being the Jews have plans to rebuild the temple of Jerusalem and start animal sacrifices again, to bring down the fire from heaven. This time though there is going to be an image within that fire to give orders and destroy people, it is like the wizard of OZ all over again. The scriptures describe this situation as miracles, but we know today man has the powers to create fantastic apparitions, this particular one will be so amazing to make people worship this political, religious, system. The 2 beasts Jews and catholics will be working together through politics, media etc, to have wold dominion of peoples worship. This is the mark talked about, the Sunday worship or the doing of Shabath, remember the Jews have their own Shabath. It is nothing to do with a virus injection or something injected in our right hand or forehead. Yahusha has revealed these truths to us 2,000 years ago but we have not been able to understand till these last days.


My wife just got a text offering her to join the Illuminati where they promise all your dreams will come true if she joins this new world order. DON'T BE DECEIVED.