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It behoves me to see the extremes people go to, during the Feasts of Yisharal, surely if we understand that the Ceremonial Laws are but shadows of the fulfillment of the return of Yahusha, The 1st and 2nd return. These shadow traditions (Ceremonial Laws) were cancelled by Yahusha, and are part of The first Principles of Learning, which Yahusha told us to move on past them.

Out of the 3 Feasts of Yisharal, 2 have been fulfilled. The 3rd is Tabernacles which we are approaching next week, and is called BOOTHS. The Feasts are so easy to understand, every object/or shadow behaviour in the Feasts, points to the fulfilment Messiah did whilst He was on earth, and His promise of a return.

The way we celebrate the "Shadows of Promise", is with good wine and food, with lots of loving and praising Yahusha. Not to show ignorance while reverting back into the Ceremonial Cancelled Shadows, not understanding the work of Yahusha. Yahusha wants us to move on past these simple First Principles, by not making a religion of the shadows, which holds us back from entering the Race of Endurance.

This Race is where we overcome the exploits of the mind and flesh and behave Torah in their place, doing works of righteousness before Yahusha as we endure the enemy in victory.

Do you know if we stop and drink at the well of the carpetbaggers religion of shadows, we are drinking poisonous water that will make us sleep, and unable to move past the First Principles, or make us able to endure the enemy.

You know this is how insane BOOTHS has become, There is a global competition for the best Sukkah, an amazing collection from the simple, to the architectural, to elaborate, artistic, and the expensive. There are special foods and decorations, imported and exported for these feasts with all sorts of competitions. There are special clothes to wear, and so many services available to make these simple or elaborate celebrations happen. Men seem much more focused on the traditions of making money, than the reality of the Feast of Booths. This is not surprising with all the goings on how they can forget Yahusha, and worships the gods of the feasts. All this is due to the carpetbaggers teachings. Holding us back from moving past The First Principles.

Doing the BOOTHS this way is like Christmas has visited fallen Yisharal.