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Hebrew meaning :

Result of search for "context": 3602 kakah kaw'-kaw from 3541; just so, referring to the previous or following context:--after that (this) manner, this matter, (even) so, in such a case, thus.

1. It is important to place scripture in proper context. The word context comes from the Latin contextus or contexere, meaning “to weave together.” Therefore, words, phrases, sentences, paragraphs, and even larger works, such as chapters and books, can be part of a whole just as a fabric is composed of individual threads woven together. Therefore, the meaning of an individual portion of text must be understood in relation to the work as a whole, such as a word in its sentence, a sentence in its paragraph, and so on. The primary purpose of considering context, then, is to derive the correct meaning and intent of the author. By relying on isolated passages without giving due consideration to their context, misunderstandings and misinterpretations may result. In religion, using a passage of scripture irrespective of its context for the purpose of proving a preconceived idea is called proof-texting.


Explains quite elaborately in detail, how Yahuah wanted Ezekiel to speak to Yisharal about their sin, and what Ezekiel was to do with his own behaviour first. Then Ezekiel was to deliver Yahuah's warning of judgement, if they did not comply with His request.

This warning was delivered as Yahuah required and Yisharal received the punishment of their disobedience. This most tragic story has been recorded from "THAT TIME," for us in "THIS TIME TODAY," so we can to read and understand about the obedient behaviour Yahusha seeks in His people/bride today.


This photo below shows us how religion uses the word out of context, we are told that if we do not race out and tell everyone about their sins, we will end up in the fires of hell (which does not exist anyway). How ridiculous and tragic to be of this mindset, Yes we are told to be made fishers of men. Even fishermen must have a plan with everything in it's place, there are many things a fisherman considers, i.e. weather, how the currents run, and where the fish flow, nets, lines, etc. Yahusha warned us not to be deceived, if we followed religious advice how foolish would we make His word and Himself look. Gentleness and kindness brings understanding, we also must realise especially in these last days that not everyone wants to change their lives, just like Yisharal didn't in the time of Ezekiel. Remember be as wise as serpents and as gentle as doves, so as not to make the context of your words a failure.