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Taking Scripture and using it as a doctrine from the fleshy mind of men, is a criminal abomination and a lawless offence to Scripture and Yahusha. The Scripture we are about to reveal has been used to create havoc, confusion and chaos among the planted wheat of Yahusha’s field. They have used this Scripture as a Darnell (weed) to poison and intoxicate the minds of His creation.

Let’s look at how the ‘Yahuah-Only Doctrine takes from the Commandments and abuses the spiritual meaning to disrupt families. This one Scripture is taken and explained to this modern generation as Yahuah’s Word, whereas in actual fact, it’s an interpretation of men, using it to power-down and numb (stun) the people. This Scripture again is found in the explanation of the Ten Commandments showing how men abuse Scripture. Of course behind these interpretations are wicked spirits in high places using men.

The Scripture we are focusing on is found in the midst of the explanation of the Ten Commandments, and shows how deceitful leaders and teachers are blocking the doorway to greener pastures and Yahusha’s presence today. The explanation of the Commandment is found in Exodus 20 - 23.

Once again, before we reveal this Scripture, we need to look at where the explanation of the Commandments were to be enacted... and that is within the land that Yahuah was giving them. These are the particular behaviours Yahuah gave His people to do in their daily lives as they conquered the land. The behaviours of these Commandments were for those who came from Egypt until they entered the promised land, and were to be continued up until the building of Solomon’s Temple and then some.

As we know Yisharal failed in achieving this Covenant reality, breaking the Covenant. When someone breaks a Covenantal-Agreement, it causes that Covenant to become inoperative and the consequence of breaking Covenant comes with punishment. Yahuah then, as punishment for Yisharal, divorced her and scattered her to the nations, making the Covenant null and void, to fade away. This is all recorded in Scripture so we can learn valuable lessons from Yisharal and the Ten Commandments.

Historically, we can see the Covenant was a behaviour for Yisharal to accomplish (which she failed in) and it was given to the people at that time in history to follow Yahuah’s will for them, so they could be clean and approach His presence. At that time the surrounding nations were flooded with idolatry and ensuing behaviours acquainted with it.

So we get a picture of why Yahuah made this statement for those at that time about idolatry. The Scripture we are talking about is found in EXODUS 23:13:

“And in all that I have said to you take heed. And make no mention of the name of any might ones, let it not be heard from your mouth.”

The Pharisaical Jesuit teachers of today have taken this verse out of the explanation of the Old Covenant behaviour (that was canceled), deluding the people as to thinking it’s for this time, when in actual fact, IT WAS FOR THOSE IN ANCIENT TIMES. This Scripture is being used by teachers completely out of context using it to replace YAHUSHA’S TWO COMMANDS. They are expressing to believers in this (and many other forms), that the days of the week and the months of the year are all named after idolatrous deities. So they tell us we are not allowed to say those names anymore. When we consider the historical texts, that were for ancient times, two thousand years has passed, and the days and months with idolatrous names have today absolutely no recollection of the significance of the Old Covenant given to the Hebrews. They don’t even think or realise the Hebrews were under that law, which of course is insignificant to today’s population, who just see them as the names of days and months in their comprehension. So to pull people aside and fill people’s minds with such things, they will view you (as Paul said) if someone comes into the Assembly and you are speaking in tongues without interpretation they will say you are mad!

To put this twisted understanding on people of today, with no historic information is a cruel display and not setting them apart, but makes them look foolish. If you are in business and someone rings up for an appointment and you can’t say these monthly days and names, how absurd is that conversation. Even if you spell the word, they are still going to say you’re mad. This chaos separates families, causes chaos, confusion and hurt. That’s why Yahusha gave us the TWO COMMANDS, which modify the Ten. This behaviour is also a yoke of bondage to the people.

The Pharisaical Jesuit teachings of today (through wicked spirits in high places), twists Scripture out of context, into man-made doctrines of deceit, blocking and stagnating Yahusha’s people into the shadow-teachings of the Old Covenant. Squashing any joy, peace or love and making the people look completely foolish for following this stupid wickedness.

Brothers and Sisters, be very aware of the ENTRAPMENT to grow your beard and hair long and dressing like spooks from past generations with all the trinkets and trimmings of `a priesthood’. Make sure you realise what you actually look like and sound like as you spurt Hebrewisms into the face of your neighbour, following these ridiculous interpretations, instead of presenting Yahusha’s loving kindness to your neighbour. Remember Yahusha said , it’s not what a man puts in him that defiles him, but what he lets come out of his heart. (MOUTH)