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Food Behaviour

Our food is the word of Yahuah, if we are not eating it daily our arteries will block up and cause heart failure, no sustenance no power of life. If you are not partaking of the divine food you will be a weak and insipid version of what you were created to be. This can be seen through a person’s behaviour.

There is no way a person can have access to understanding the Turah without the indwelling of the Ruach. Those who understand have gone into the door of obedience,have passed the test, and are in touch with the Masters voice and are behaving the Turah of eternal life.

Life without the presence of the Ruach is just heading towards our own destruction, we can actually see & feel it happening. We will be filled with all sorts of torments that will kill us. All the ailments a person suffers come from the food they consume in their vessel, only one food is life giving [ Turah ], food from worldly teaching sows death.

If someone has access to the portal and is guided by the Ruach it will be obvious in their behaviour, likewise the greed of the worlds wisdom and knowledge will be prevalent. Men and women in the bride of Yahusha can see the signs of the world's behaviour all around them, they can also see the signs of prophecy in the environment and understand just what that means.

Yahusha said "Don't throw your pearls before swine," even though He loves everyone there are those who will never change. It is up to the believer to be sensitive to his/her surroundings and to be conscious of swine behaviour, for pigs are also not food. Samaritan behaviour is the way to walk not in crowds so much.