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256 'Ach'ab akh-awb' once (by contraction) oEchab (Jer. 29:22) {ekh- awb'}; from 251 and 1; brother (i.e. friend) of (his) father; Achab, the name of a king of Israel and of a prophet at Babylon:--Ahab.

415 'El 'elohey Yisra'el ale el-o-hay' yis-raw-ale' from 410 and 430 and 3478; the mighty god if Jisrael; El-Elohi-Jisrael, the title given to a consecrated spot by Jacob:--El-elohe-israel.

1201 Ba`sha' bah-shaw' from an unused root meaning to stink; offensiveness; Basha, a king of Israel:--Baasha.

3128 yownath 'elem rchoqiym yo-nath' ay'-lem rekh-o-keem' from 3123 and 482 and the plural of 7350; dove of (the) silence (i.e. dumb Israel) of (i.e. among) distances (i.e. strangers); the title of a ditty (used for a name of its melody):--Jonath-elem-rechokim.

3478 Yisra'el yis-raw-ale' from 8280 and 410; he will rule as God; Jisrael, a symbolical name of Jacob; also (typically) of his posterity: --Israel.

3479 Yisra'el yis-raw-ale' (Aramaic) corresponding to 3478:--Israel.

3481 Yisr'eliy yis-reh-ay-lee' patronymically from 3478; a Jisreelite or descendant of Jisrael:--of Israel, Israelite.

3484 Yshuruwn yesh-oo-roon' from 3474; upright; Jeshurun, a symbol. name for Israel:--Jeshurun.

5971 `am am from 6004; a people (as a congregated unit); specifically, a tribe (as those of Israel); hence (collectively) troops or attendants; figuratively, a flock:--folk, men, nation, people.


Where did Israel come from ?

The name Israel first appears in the Hebrew Bible in Genesis 32:28. It refers to the renaming of Jacob, who, according to the Bible, wrestled with an angel, who gave him a blessing and renamed him Israel because he had "striven with God and with men, and have prevailed".

Genesis 32:28.

And Yahuah said, "Your name is no longer called Jacob, but Israel because you have striven with Alahim and with men, and have overcome.

The 12 sons of Jacob became the 12 tribes of Israel, through miracles, over 3 million Jews were taken out of Egypt, to meet with their Alahim on the mount. Yahuah met with them, and gave them Torah Instructions on how to live amongst an idolatrous generation and have victory over their evil mindsets. Israel was to be an example to this world of the benefits of having the one true Alahim's love, to guide us to salvation and victory over evil the enemy that opposes Torah.

40 years of wilderness wanderings did not shake the idolatry from Yahuah's chosen bride Israel. Many of the chosen were told and given example upon example that idolatry is unacceptable, but they were stubborn and found themselves destroyed because of it. Only the children of these chosen were allowed to go into the promised land and claim it for their own, but they still followed the sins of their fathers, and were defeated continually by the seduction of the nations idolatry with their lavish feasts.

After Solomon died Israel split into 2 nations. Like Jacobs favourite wife Rachel was prophesied over, she was told she had 2 nations in her womb. At any rate, by this time Yahuah was so fed up with Israel's constant idolatry, He divorced His chosen wife for playing the hoar, and took His presence from the temple. Israel was attacked and scattered through the nations. Since then, there have always been sects of those hanging around Israel, who claim to be the chosen and of the bloodline of Adam.

THE BLOODLINE IS A MOST IMPORTANT ISSUE TO THE JEWS BUT NOT TO YAHUSHA. People of Israel today claim unless you are immersed into one of the tribes of Israel it is impossible to claim Jewish nationalism.

Yahusha has a different story to tell. The Jews have held the Turah for centuries and have never let it be changed This is admirable because it has been held for Yahusha's chosen for these last days. Yahusha said your body is the temple where I want to dwell, It can only be that personal, not in temples built by men. He cannot be personal from a place like that. Yahusha told us that He came for the sinners to give them deliverance and health, not for the righteous or those who think they are right.

There are many believers from all religions today that claim to be of the blood line of Alahim and who treat others so UNMESSIAH LIKE. I myself have have catholic in-laws with their whole family that hate me, they love my son who is in jail, they talk about him with wonderment and respect. They never inquire about my person, and hardly mention me. My social standing in this world is not up to their level of education and belief, so my bloodline is not considered but ostracised. My son is completely accepted by them, because he has the blood of my wife in His veins. WHICH IS CONSIDERED AS THEIR BLOOD LINE.

I know that I am a sinner delivered and set free from such wickedness. I am of a Royal Priesthood, I am a son of the King of Kings. I have the blood of Yahusha flowing through my veins rather than being of the family of the walking dead. The depth of satan's darkness is so horrifically cruel, but the love of Yahusha's light can frackle up such wickedness. We have the victory by His BLOODLINE. LOTZALUV.