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LIFE OR DEATH - You Choose ?!

Every person who is called has to have a personal dialogue with Yahusha (HEBREWS 12:5-11). The conversation is always about OUR WILLINGNESS TO PUT OFF WORLDLY STUFF WE LOVE, or put Yahusha before our stuff. Our love for Him will always be tested, to see if we can pass the grade. At our immersion we agreed to become His personal property, knowing He bought us from slavery with a price (His death). To go back on our words of agreement is an insult to Yahusha's sacrifice.

Yahusha said He will chastise us, rebuke, discipline and flog us and sometimes goad us too. He told us not to faint at discipline. Yahusha also told us if we refuse this process (wanting our own way), we will become 'no longer sons, but bastards'. The choice is ours.

There are many bastards among the Bridal Company today, refuting the words of Yahusha. He said, “Many are called but few are chosen.” When you have your personal dialogue with Yahusha, if you are not willing to change your mind (but instead want Him to change His mind to how you want), your unwillingness will manifest. Yahusha will give you time to reason with yourself and: IF YOU CANT, THEN HE WONT !!

Yahusha wants a clean Bride (clean in her behaviour) because real love is absolutely real. And willingness to go His way is absolutely real. If our willingness isn’t absolutely real, then we are unwilling and disobedient which means WE DON'T WANT TO CONFESS OUR SIN! This sort of sneaky behaviour is consumed in the presence of Yahusha. Our behaviour must be clean and real in all accounts in the presence of Yahusha.

As I said before there are many empty bastard vessels amongst the Bride who have been consumed within by the fire of Yahusha and are named as the walking-dead in Scripture. Obviously, refuting this process shows your UNWILLINGNESS TO CONFORM to righteous, real behaviour. When a person is called, Yahusha suggests our behaviour before Him should be open and willing to conform. If not, you bring upon yourself consequences befitting to what you have put out. Everything that’s hidden will be revealed!

Living under the power of these rules teaches us the behaviour required from the Master in our worldly walk. 'Stay in My Words and you’ll be safe'. Any behaviour outside of Yahusha's Word will bring shame upon those unwilling vessels. On completion of this metamorphosis (becoming new fruits) you will enter the extreme MIRACULOUS JOY of Yahusha. And that’s a high that never comes down, because you realise He is Alahim and is the only one with the power to consume our corrupt wickedness. Not facing that the self needs to be destroyed to become clean and worthy (to become the sons of Yahusha), puts the MARK OF DESTRUCTION on our forehead which manifests through our behaviour and words.

Of course this is a STATUTE OF COMMEMORATION TO THE DEATH OF SELF. To pass Yahusha's test to enter in and go out to pasture leaping and bounding in the wonderful joy of receiving your crown of eternal life ... This situation is a choice and a matter of LIFE AND DEATH. Refusing such a glorious offer is hostile wickedness, taking you on the path to destruction. The point is: YAHUSHA HAS A DIALOGUE WITH EVERY APPLICANT WANTING ETERNAL LIFE and it’s your choice to choose life or destruction. If we didn’t have this choice, physical life would be completely unreasonable. Enter His courts with the boldness of your choice - to be willing!