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This synonym (word spelled the same) forms a play-on-words: "netser", meaning "branch", and “natsar”, meaning "to watch".

This is why they the assemblies believers of YAHUSHA were called the true branches people, and watchmen for this reason to be called Natsarim.

They are considered the guardians of the word. Talking to one of the top leaders of the Natsarim movement, the subject of the Jews was mentioned in regard to them being the chosen. I was given the Parable of the Prodigal Son and was told the older brother in this Parable are the Jews today. He said, they are to be referred to as the older brother who were always with the Father. and to respect them as they have much to teach us. This should be our attitude towards the Jews, I was told.

Luke 15:11-32


When you see the advice we were given we don't agree with the Jews as being the elder brother. At the time of Yahushas appearance in Yerushalaym, there were segments of a few tribes, others were of political man made religious factions and mixtures of the nations. They had a form of priesthood, but no presence of Yahuah in the Temple guiding them which made their belief dead and dry. And today, that Jewish belief system has spread to all nations.

The question is, has the Natsarim movement, true followers of Yahusha been deceived and infiltrated with Jewish traditions & customs of the shadow teaching system.

Have the true Natsari been hypnotised by the big brother Jews today in their worship of the Feasts of Israel. Have the Natsarim lost their true identity and emancipation/freedom/liberty by behaving the shadow Feasts of Judaism? Have they taken on the mantle and dress code plus Jewish traditions, coming under a yolk of bondage in worship. Have they been stopped at the shadows and missed the fulfilment and meaning of their worship which is Yahusha Himself. Have the Jews infiltrated the Natsarim fortress as the olde brother seducing them to a mixture of beliefs, rendering them as a religious faction?

This is satan himself.

We see many Natsarim groups today, worshipping as Christians do and dressing in Jewish religious garb, acting out dead shadow worship.

The Jews and the Natsarim have only come so far as the shadows, with the mixture of worship which has rendered them asleep. Remember the ten virgins all gathered together and fell asleep.. only those that had oil in their lamps arose and went in to meet the Bridegroom. You have to know Yahusha personally to be part of his new Bride.