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Satan Is Beautiful

Because Satan is the master deceiver, coming as an angel of light, he appears as a beautiful, tempting, creature - not something ugly or repulsive.

Contrary to the popular view of the Devil, he is not an ugly creature. Since he is a spirit-being, he has no physical form. When he does appear, it is as a beautiful creature, an angel of light.

Trouble is he has a behaviour causing fear, chaos, and death. Satan is in control of the populations of this earth and whispers to his followers commands of strife. If you have no protection from him and his workers, scripture says you are the walking dead. look how the Hebrew describes satan:

Result of search for "satan": 7853 satan saw-tan' a primitive root; to attack, (figuratively) accuse:--(be an) adversary, resist.

7854 satan saw-tawn' from 7853; an opponent; especially (with the article prefixed) Satan, the arch-enemy of good:--adversary, Satan, withstand.

We are constantly at warfare whilst on earth, to have power over disobedience we must go through the portal to receive life, being washed in His blood gives us access to the mind of Yahusha, who destroyed death. Having power from the ruach we are able to overcome satan's beautiful temptations, by using the fruits of the Ruach's behaviour. Just look above how satan is described in Hebrew. Satan hates and is jealous of Yahusha. Instead of worshipping Him, this is just stupid behaviour.

Best realise everything Yahusha created including you, satan wants to destroy. He hates that Yahusha revealed the portal to His loved ones and wants to block the knowledge and blessing of the portal.

Don't be fooled brothers and sisters receive Yahusha and enter the portal.