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What does the word STUMP mean in Hebrew?

1503 geza' geh'-zah from an unused root meaning to cut down (trees); the trunk or stump of a tree (as felled or as planted):--stem, stock.

STOCK 4678 matstsebeth mats-tseh'-beth from 5324; something stationary, i.e. a monumental stone; also the stock of a tree:--pillar, substance.

The idea of ‘being stumped’ means to baffle, confound and defeat.

This is Victoria coming to you with the word STUMP. And is how I feel when coming up against the second rule with my husband when I don't want to "Let him have it". He absolutely loves it when I feel this way and doesn't care what I do to him 'cos it goes nowhere’. Over the last few years I’ve known the "Three Rules” as a practical help to check my attitude, and I thought ‘I’m doing that!...I’m ok...’ but not really taking the behaviour seriously (thinking to myself).

This is where I’ve been STUMPED by seeing my husband constantly winning and being right in so many situations. My proud behaviour has given me so much grief and heartache, not really wanting to give in to the authority that a husband rightly has in his role of head of the household. And also that he is being led by Yahusha and wants to please Him in every way possible. I know this because i’ve tested and lived with him through his immense change of behaviour. He is a very different loving person. All the worldly mindset bred into us will totally defy this.

I can see the results of letting people "Have It" it really is rewarding and awakening to actually be loving and kind (the Fruits). I’m so sick of having my own way and being upset with myself. The word ‘to be stumped’ means to baffle, confound and defeat. And this is how Yahusha teaches me with his rod of correction, waking me up from the delusions of living how I think.

Look up the Scripture reference in Isaiah 11: “And a rod shall come forth from the STUMP of Yishai, and a Sprout from his roots shall bear fruit. The Ruach of Yahuah shall rest upon Him - the Ruach of wisdom and understanding, the Ruach of council and might, the Ruach of knowledge and of the fear of Yahuah, and shall make him breathe in the fear of Yahuah…….” (read the chapter).

Also the rod that came out of the stump, was a natural symbol of authority, as the tool used by the shepherd to correct and guide his flock . . .